Last Day of 2011

My own very last day of 2011.

We did so much! Started the day fishing with friends in East Perth while having a picnic catered by good ole Nando's. Happily caught a couple of decent sized tailor fishes and decided it was time to get going. Headed to Hillarys and couldn't resist ordering something new (8-slice Mexican flavoured pan) from my favourite pizza joint, Little Caesars, and the super spiciness called for its creamy counterpart in the form of chai lattes from San Churros chocolateria! Early dinner perfection before we witnessed the amazing Perth sunset by Sorrento boat quay. As the moon replaced the sun, we headed home for quick energy recharge and headed out again for movies at my favourite drive in spot... one hair makeover later. Got really excited as soon as we found out Happy Feet 2was playing! Such an amazing movie and apparently I was still full of energy as soon as we headed out to the city after the movie ended at 11pm. Arrived in the city perfectly in time for the fireworks! After all the seemingly never-ending oohs and ahhs, we headed to the beach and totally passed out to the sound of the waves... until sunrise.

It was the best last day of 2011 I could've ever imagined.