Interview with Stylist Clare Byrne

Photographer Emily Abay | Stylist Clare Byrne | Makeup Jaclyn H | Model Mel @ Bookings London

Tell us about yourself and your styling background.
I currently live in Sydney, Australia; although I am originally from a property about 4 hours North-West of here. I studied Public Relations at university and graduated last year. At the moment I am working part-time and collaborating closely with a couple of really talented photographers on fashion projects.

How do you describe your own personal style?
My daily style is fairly consistent. I like shirts and nicely cut trousers. I'm not sure why but I never wear skirts. I have a vast collection of shorts. Apart from my casio watch, I wear no jewelery. I'm inclined to accessorise through textures in garments (leathers/ wool/ draping), rather than bling. This could all change at any given time, honestly.

CULTURE Magazine | Photographer Amanda Lim | Stylist Clare Byrne | Makeup Anastasia Pappas | Model Eve @ Viviens

Where do you get your inspirations from?
A poorly organised mental collection of movie scenes, book chapters, pictures, photographs and songs. I recently traveled to South America and will be drawing on the colours, prints and culture of Buenos Aires in an upcoming project. I’m lucky to be surrounded by creative people. My mother is an artist and she's quite quirky, so this must have had some impact on me early on. The people I work with inspire me and I like bouncing ideas off them.

FURTHER AWAY | Photography Viktor Nilsson | Styling Clare Byrne | Make-Up T-Honey Fisher | Model Mia @ Pricillas

How and when did you know you wanted to be a stylist?
I never studied styling and had no intention to work in fashion until quite recently. While at university, I began working part time for a number of designers as an in-house model, fitting garments as they built their collections. The creative process interested me, from the first toile of a dress in calico to the final sample. I got swept up in it all. Late last year I entered a national styling competition on a whim and was a finalist – eventually placing runner-up. I suppose this is when I technically ‘started’, although I fell into it gradually.

Tell us about your most memorable styling project.
I’m going to be boring and say I haven’t got one that really stands out. Although during a shoot at a beach, our model almost fell off the edge of the rocks. It was my fault as I was trying to take off her shoe in a hurry. She looked terrified - I’ll never forget that!

Last but not least, here's a clip of a styling competition that Clare participated in where she placed runner-up. Enjoy!

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Pattern Play

(Stockholm StreetStyle)

The key to toying around with different patterns in one go is to to be clever with your color choices.

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Feeling Blue

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Decked Out

Modern. Bold. Edgy. Statement jewelries to the fashion fanatics nowadays are just as essential as daily nourishments to humans beings. Leave the house without them, and you will feel naked and incomplete. Following the trend will even have you pile up many different pieces to build up the effect, but how do you know when to stop? That limit is for you to decide.

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Fear No Sheer

Shakuhachi Spring/Summer 2010 preview

Summer in sheer is a summer without fear.

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Milan in Mango

Vibrant mango hues spotted around Milan, as captured by globe-trotting photographer Tommy Ton for Style.com. No shade seems to scream louder this summer!

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