(Culture Magazine)

Photography: Amanda Lim | Styling: Claire Byrne | Hair and Makeup: Anastasia Pappas | Model: Eve Smith

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Ultimate Mix

A dash of soft drapes, a drop of sequins, a dollop of trimming: Effortless glam at its best.

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The Future

(FUTURECLAW Spring 2010)

A force to be reckoned with.

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Ready for Combat

(Harpers Bazaar Spanish May 2010)

Where there is one, there is a whole squad. Have you joined the rest of the regiment yet?

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Layering Lingerie

(ELLE Russia May 2010)

With hints of metals and jewels, exhibiting your inner wear past the bedroom can't get no better than these!

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Interview with Aspiring Stylist Camilla Sossi

(Styled by Camilla Sossi)

"If you can imagine it you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it." - Ward, William Arthur

Camilla Sossi is an Italian aspiring stylist based in London, where she currently attends Istituto Marangoni. She will soon complete her diploma in Fashion Styling and hopes to start working in the city of London this summer.

Camilla has been fascinated with fashion ever since she was a child, but it was only a few years ago that she started to seriously consider a career in the field. As a matter of fact, she first studied architecture for a year before realizing that it is not the right track for her. Led by strong passion and desire, she then did further research about careers in fashion and fashion schools. Her hard work and perseverance paid off, as she soon discovered the course she is currently attending. Camilla feels positive about her decision to change courses, and hasn't looked back since.

(Styled by Camilla Sossi)

Camilla defines her style as minimal and essential, but chic at the same time. Her inspirations come from everything that surrounds her - books, art, fashion magazines, photography - but above all she is highly inspired by the street, where she would gather ideas from situations, details, impressions and lifestyle in general.

Camilla remembers her most exciting styling project: during Milan Man Fashion Week, where she worked as an assistant fashion stylist for a photo shoot for Black Book Magazine. It was an important moment for her as it was her first big job experience.

(Styled by Camilla Sossi)

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Horizontal Attractions

Some outfits just look better against flat surfaces, don't you agree?

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Denim on Denim

(Vogue Germany May 2010)

Photographed by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer, with styling by Nicola Knels, model Catherine McNeil killed it with this denim on denim look. The spread is a perfect example of how little inclusions can bring an ensemble to another whole level of glam, be it in the form of metal accents or a stack of leather belts.

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Black or White?

FutureClaw Magazine Spring 2010 | Model: Valeria Dmitrienko | Photography: Jem | Styling: Elizabeth Sulcer

Which color would you pick to escape in if you were a runaway bride?

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Spring Boots!

(Images: Jak & Jil)

With or without socks (just make sure the pedicure is on point though!)... we are lusting over these peep-toe babies!

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Sassy Selections

Known for its over-the-top styling and eccentric designs, the Australian label Sass and Bide is rapidly capturing the hearts of consumers around the globe. Founded by Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton, it is the first Australian label to be invited to show during New York Fashion Week (and we're not surprised why!).

Currently on our Sass and Bide lust list:

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Chic in the City

(Vogue US May 2010)

Those who have been following DISTRIKMODE from the very beginning know our admiration of Daria Werbowy. This latest issue of Vogue US presents another editorial example (among countless!) of her that is truly mesmerizing. Although a few won't agree with the overexposure in the photography above (by Mario Testino), we feel it's perfect, as it gives off a young fresh vibe. Plus, with styling as impeccable as such (by Marie-Amelie Sauvé), any "flaws" can easily be overlooked.

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Interview with Stylist Lyndzi Trang

Lyndzi Trang, a stylist based in Los Angeles, California, is the epitome of determination. Despite starting her career in styling only last year, deep passion and hard work has led her to amazing opportunities and her name is quickly getting recognized within the industry. DISTRIKMODE feels honored to get to know more about the positive and passionate soul behind LYNDZISTYLES:

1. Lyndzi's style in 3 words?
Detailed. Simplistic. Versatile.

2. Where do you get your inspirations from?
Magazines (W Magazine, V Magazine, Vogue Italia & Paris, Dansk, VS, etc.) and fashion blogs (Design Scene, CaliKartel, Nitrolicious, Fashion Gone Rogue, etc.). However, they're more for me to see what the latest trends are in fashion, photography, lighting, etc... When I style and work, the client's personality and individuality are my inspirations. I study their work prior and/or research their background and incorporate who they are in my own style intake and approach.

3. You've only been styling since 2009, yet you've gained a lot of recognition and support from the industry. What's the secret?
I feel blessed and grateful to receive such recognition and support. Honestly, my secret is that I never stop working! I work everyday, but how can I call it work when it's my passion. It's rare for people to wake up everyday doing what they love and I'm so fortunate to have found my passion. I take in every opportunity that comes my way good or bad and make the best out of it because you will never know what the end results may be. I don't believe in regrets nor failure because there will never be a shortage of possibilities.

4. Tell us about your most memorable styling project.
My most memorable project would be styling actress Tia Carrere at her beautiful home in Topanga Canyon, California. She was my first big full production shoot and first "big" celebrity shoot as well. The photographer and makeup/hair artist were also both represented by my top-notch creative agencies and here I was, barely starting.

I was extremely nervous yet determined to ensure that the entire team will be pleased, especially our client Tia. I had always heard crazy stories about working with celebrities but Tia is definitely NOT one of them. She was one of the sweetest persons I had ever worked with. She even prepared lunch for the team and crew! I was highly impressed and glad to know that she was as what she appears in her work - intelligent, humble, reserved, and friendly. Towards the end of the shoot, she had asked me to style an upcoming red-carpet event she was attending. I felt so honored.

After the photographer sent the finalized retouched images, Tia called and left me the most amazing voicemail commending my styling and tastes. I had it saved on my phone for the longest time. It definitely motivated and strengthened my confidence in this dog-eat-dog industry. Thanks to her encouraging words and many others, I know this is my profound destiny.

5. What do you do when you're not working and styling?
Haha, that's rare... but I LOVE to catch up with my family and friends. They mean everything to me. I also like to watch movies (in theaters), go to the gym, lay out on the beach... the usual fun everyday activities.

6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
In 5 years, I hope to establish my name within the creative industry in the realms of celebrity, print, advertising, and special events. I also plan to establish my own fashion PR firm with my business partner, Mazel Higa in Los Angeles, California. Currently I am the co-founder and community manager of ModelURL, an online community network of creative artists. I am confident that this site will be flourishing by then and be the next, best, and last resource for an
yone aspiring to be in this industry.

Watch Lyndzi in action in the video below, where she styled for ViViD Magazine Winter Editorial Shoot (documented by Matt Rodgers):

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Lets Look At Looklet

Pops of red | High-waisted leather short shorts | Grays and nudes

Mix of shapes and textures | Fishnet done right | Outrageously long necklace

[All images from Looklet]

After trying out various virtual styling tools and applications, we can deduce that Looklet is by far our favorite (for now, since most of these apps are still in beta). We love its high-level realistic effects, compared to Polyvore (the magazine-spread layout seems a bit too flat and boring now that more tools with 3D mannequins have emerged) and Couturious (the models come with only one stance choice, an awkward one at that). There's undoubtedly ample room for Looklet to improve, and we're excited to see more, but so far the Stockholm-based virtual studio has managed to fulfill the styling needs of many creative stylistas around the world. But hey, don't just take our word for it. Go ahead to Looklet.com and try it for yourself. Just be warned though: the application is highly addictive!

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STYLO 2010: Ahead of the Game

Just when we thought there have been enough oohs and aahs elicited over the headwear trend within this past year (I mean, just think Maison Michel), the creative designers who showcased during STYLO fashion week here in Kuala Lumpur still managed to present a tsunami of fresh headwear ideas, and left us all in marvel. We witnessed an amazing number of impressive headgear creations on the runway, from ones made out of recycled paper plates (bottom left corner) to ones that looked like they simply just appeared from out of this galaxy.

So what are your thoughts about these head pieces: Cool... or quirky? Couture... or just crazy?

And which one(s) would you actually wear on the street?

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STYLO 2010: Shoulder to Shoulder

White dress by Jovian Mandagie | Blue coat by Hazwani Osman | Silver dress by Key Ng

Embellished. Pleated. Tiered.

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