Celebrating Life!

Festive dinner at Panchos Mexican restaurant. Just because.

Life is too short so I choose to celebrate it! Every. Single. Day. Living in a world filled with setbacks, bad news and negativities, I've chosen to create a path of meaningful adventure for myself backed with a personal mission to attract as much positive enjoyment possible. Born a stubborn child that grew into a rebellious teenager and now a deeply aware adult, I question the existence of a lot of things. I appreciate organization, but hate rules. I respect diversity, but despise societal hiearchy. I still don't get the purpose of school/work uniforms. But now I've learned to celebrate my hard-headedness and ways of beating mediocre thoughts. My life these days are filled with only the things and activities that I choose to have myself involved in. I've learned to say no to the good so I can make room for the great! I value personal development and quality of life as much as I value freedom and mobility, so few of the things that make me happiest include managing purposeful organizations and businesses, supporting unconventional fashion and life styles, reading mind-stimulating books (this one is my ultimate favourite), travelling, food from all over the world, sunsets at the beach, reggae and zumba, making new friends and creative photography. Life is beautiful and I'm here to absorb every shine!

What makes you happiest?