Steve Madden Whittney wedges in blue suede.

The exact kind of power pair to shock the masses with.

Birth of Magic

Neon pink wool accents via We Love Wool | My neon pink Supre bustier + Steve Madden studded leopard flats + vintage Ferragamo purse

Sometimes all you need is that POP.

A pop of neon to heat up an outfit. A pop of idea to start an explosive business. A pop of spark to attract two beautiful souls.

Whatever it is, that very POP, albeit very teeny weeny itsy bitsy, will eventually create MAGIC.


Highlights + Fishtail

Ultimate summer travel hair inspiration.


Untamed Habits

Girls night out.

Got down and dirty at San Churros Chocolateria!


Tongue Twister

Homegirl Tuleen. How INSANE is her door knocker?!?



Marched to the mall with my brigade of Steve Madden Miidori boots (how insane are those buckle straps?!), Supré leopard leggings, Sportsgirl studded clutch, Topshop metallic jumper and Lovisa accessories. Had a serious battle with my wallet but ended up denying purchase retreat and surrendered to obtain a pair of fluorescent lime green Aztec leggings. I mean c'mon. They're neon AND aztec! Can't wait to show yall the gem.


Head Start

Images via Google

Tribal head gears, ethnic wraps and exquisite turbans.

Now I'm so inspired to add jewels to my fabric head pieces next time I rock it on the streets!



I'm sexy and you know it!

Now available at DISTRIKSHOP.COM

With No Limit

Caught up with my girl Agnieszka for dinner and dessert wearing H&M rubber-feel jumper, studded Supre leggings, leopard print turban and Steve Madden Miidori boots with edgy buckle detail down the sides (much needed close-up shots some other time, I promise!). Spent nearly three hours talking about things we probably never would conversate with our other half about -- her recent birthday party and how we should have a post-birthday monthly-versary parties, sale craziness and shopping bargains and how it's so hard for a girl to save money, $15 dress that looks like $150 (and keeping the actual price hush hush), cooking curry and trying to differentiate between Indian, Thai, Malay and Jamaican curry, dancing, her super freakin' rad Ted Baker patent leather purse (pictured above), saving for a girls trip to Bali, how we both are such outgoing people (some sort of self assessment and validation?), studying fashion and working in fashion, relationships vs friendships and the irony of how much easier it is to hurt a partner than a friend, Magic Mike, watching Magic Mike again, how insanely drool-worthy Channing is, how we still love Justin Timberlake no matter what, how hot Tom Cruise used to be, upcoming fashion shows, past fashion shows, fashion shows we both went together, fashion shows we plan to go to together this year and next, planning our next girl talk -- we went on and on and on. We talked so much 'til we were left with zero words upon arriving home. Just peaceful silence and happy smiles. No wonder men loves it when their woman gets out of the house to pour it all out during girl talks.


Crazy Ikat + Neon Hues

Just the exact kind of pair I need to add a LOUD tribal touch to my closet. Can't wait for the sky to stop crying so I can take these Steve Madden PAMMMY wedges out for their first walk. Daydreaming about teaming them with buttery soft leather skinnies and oversized muted jumper to keep me warm and cozy this winter without compromising swag. And just wait til summer gets here! I see these babies becoming a complete overused staple -- with fresh white-on-whites, billowy sun dresses, and even structural pieces. Instant head-turnin' eye-catchin' conversation starter.