Overused Favourites

Studded clog boots and vintage Chanel purse.


Looking to Layer!


Although Perth winters don't get as freezing cold as the ones I've experienced living in America and Canada, I'm still looking forward to adventure into clever layering this upcoming chilly months... can't wait to team up different textures, colors, and silhouettes!


Urban Couture at Lakeside Joondalup

Few selected pieces that caught my attention at one of the fashion parades during Urban Couture week that took place at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City center in conjunction with the Joondalup Festival about two weeks ago. Note the high collars, sparkly bottoms, soft tiers and layers, & the clever use of chains and stones.


A Subtle Approach

Bits and pieces that got my head turning... my eyes focusing... and my camera snapping!


Alpha Models Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Show

At the Grand Ballroom of Joondalup Resort where the captivating Alpha Models SS2011 fashion show showcasing designs by Cinnshe Jacinta Wilson, BULI-J, Nicola Yeung, Rosie & Broken, Carmen Steffens, Dana Mathers, Jonte Pike, and Brooke Da Cruz took place to satisfy my hunger for fresh looks and designs. As captured above, my eyes were transfixed on sheer layers, enchanting stone arrangements, asymmetrical messy drapings, and bold geometrical prints. Major thanks to Roisin from Alpha Models for the invitation!

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