2010 in Reminiscence

Exceptional styling project with dear friend Abyan Lokman around Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Bangkok (Our favourites: the Gaga-esque Rebel Rouser and street cat themed Basic Instinct). First ever official photo shoot for DISTRIKMODE 2010 stylebook. The launch of DISTRIKMODE shop. Coverage of STYLO Grand Prix Fashion Week in Kuala Lumpur. Various fashion, photography, and modeling projects. The huge and exciting move to Australia!

2010 was a great year, thank you very much for your continuous support. Lets toast to a bigger and better 2011! Keep up with the DISTRIKMODE journey via Twitter and Facebook.



In Full Swing

"We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams." - Unknown

Partied like the night went on forever with dear family and friends... Hope your christmas was just as festive as mine!

PS: Can you guess what type of dance my friend and I were burning up the floor with?


Hold On


Fur vest. Lace cuff. White skirt. Leather clutch. Too many things to love in one shot.


Here & There

Are you finally done with all your gift shopping?

Wishing you and your loved ones a very merry xmas and happy holidays!

Sinful Skin


A feminine-yet-tough looking purse highlighting the genius combination of cream colored snakeskin and gold chain? Yes, please!


Paddle On

Same confusion, different situation. You probably know what I'm talking about if you have been following this blog and had read my entry from about a year ago. How can I be bombarded by the same which-one-of-the-two-roads-to-take dilemma even after one whole year of soul searching, hard work, and positive thinking? There are times when I wish I can chuck everything I'm going through right now out the window, but somehow no matter what I can't deny this strong drive inside that continuously pushes me forward as I keep thinking to self, "Another day, another way".


All I Want...

...for xmas is you! But since I can't have you for now, I'll settle with a pair of Sam Edelman peep toe boots with platforms, a Red Valentino sequin shift dress, an Alexander Wang crepe draped jacket, a Pamela Love tribal silver cuff with spikes, and an ASOS leather waterfall clutch :)

Beach Life

Growing up amidst the hustle and bustle of big cities (Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Montreal Canada) meant that visits to the beach had only been saved for special vacation days. After scouring different cities to live and settle in for these past few years, it's considered a blessing I got to come across Perth earlier this year. Everything about this calm yet vibrant and youthful city has my name plastered all over it, promising that laid back beach city lifestyle I've been looking for, and much more. Not only do I get to escape the unhealthy pollution and insane congestion of big cities while still have access to all metropolitan facilities, but I get to frequent the beach as much as at least three times a week simply because it's a mere 15-minute drive away from where I live? I'll take that anytime, mate... anytime.



Random things happen when you wait too long for your food to arrive -- in this case my rather impulsive decision to take off the chains of my purse, hook them together to make a loop, and swing it over my head and confuse it into thinking it's a necklace for the rest of the day, while my initially rad purse had to settle with being merely a commonplace clutch.


Thoughtful Minds

What makes dressing fun and refreshing each time for me is the creativity involved during styling. I especially love using random items as accessories and donning outfit pieces in a way that is different from its usual objective. For example here the scarf used is actually a silk sash taken off a Zara silk maxi dress and the black & silver bracelet is actually a headband. Small modifications can create big impression, just as much as how extra effort goes a long way.


Off the Chain

Model: Isabel Hickmann | Photographer: Josefina Bietti

There's just something about having chains of metal draped on one's body in the art of accessorizing that captures my typically short-spanned attention and makes the heart skip a beat. Maybe it's the sensual connotation that comes with the action or maybe it's the silent suggestion of the wearer's feminine yet tough personality, both of which completely resonate with me. Either way, these chains never cease to make me take a second look, whether they're worn or simply hung on a boutique rack, or stop the growth of my own collection that is already getting dangerously out of control.


Heart to Heart

Out and about... exploring new and not-so-obvious places to walk around in Perth while making sure we occasionally stop amidst the hustle and bustle of city life to 'smell the roses' and capture the moment when doing just exactly that. We're glad to be given the opportunity to continue discovering the many great things this city has to offer.


His & Hers

Selected shoe shots from the past three weeks of traveling between Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia... with us ladies in our sexy heels and funky boots while the lads strut around in their usual comfortable sneakers.


Seeing Through

[Lauren Withrow Photography]

Sheer tops and maxi skirts -- the staple outfit we're lusting over as of late.

Living Large


Our latest obsession: the (over) size of our purses. After all, in this case bigger is better.


Retro Glam

[Paper Planes F/W 2010]
Model: Crystal Renn | Photographer: Derek Kettela | Stylist: Andreas Kokkino | Hair: David Von Canon | Makeup: Stevie Huynh

... and we will always have sexy animal prints and signature leather pieces in our closets!


Happy Feet

[Jeffrey Campbell SS11]

We're definitely looking forward to having these new sexy additions to our family!


Living Free

[Marie Claire Czech December 2010]
Model: Dominika Krcm√°rikov√° | Photographer: Dennison Bertram | Stylists: Sona Jankuliakova and Stephanie Lunt

Nothing like the feeling of living free -- free of fear, free of distress, free of pressure -- yet still in style.


Full On

[Luxos Magazine]

[ROUGE Winter 2010]

Leather corsets, leggings, and tough boots, topped with a cozy chunky coat -- the basic travel uniform for us these days... in flying between Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore!




It's all in the details.


Rock & Roll

[Karen Magazine]
Model: Georgia Frost | Photographer: Jenny Hands | Stylist: Kate Ruth

What every girl needs: an enchanting getup that promises a night filled with unforgettable adventures.



[Vanidad December 2010]
Model: Isa Asklof | Photographer: Ruben Vega | Stylist: Miguel Cervera

Clever layering of heavy knits of different patterns and textures.