Push My Buttons

[Vintage Escada shirt, thrifted ankle boots, mixed accessories, Mango sunnies]

It's always special when you wear something that has been in this world just as long as you. Despite being over two decades old, this button printed vintage shirt still serves its purpose no lesser than before and in fact it has never looked and felt more current; the silk fabric its made of, along with the shoulder pads, have actually softened down over the many years being abandoned in the closet. Simply imagine the joy of wearing it again another twenty years down the road..

*Vacation has started (or ended?)... Off to Aussie land tomorrow!




An eye-catching sleek do for one of those more serious, lets-get-down-to-business days.


Morning After

[Vintage Burberry coat, F21 dress, thrifted clutch, Mango sunnies, vintage necklace]

The 7am look, following a night filled with laughters, unexpected drama, and surprises.


Iced Out


Mixing and stacking silver rings with gold bands -- oh so icy.


Luxe Level

[Haider Ackermann -- Paris Fashion Week]

Highly luxurious yet uncomplicated fabric on phenomenal creations exhibiting cuts and slits of new lengths and depth. When the focus of creativity revolves around the design, the ingenuity of the creator truly shines through and the effort put in production surely pays off.


March On

Elle Mexico November 2010
Models: Mayara Rubik Marchi & Julia Dunstall | Photographer: Alexander Neumann | Stylist: Aeri Yun

High buns. Military. Buckle sleeves.



[Wonderland Nov/Dec 2010]
Model: Julia Nobis | Photographer: Dusan Reljin | Stylist: Anthony Unwin

An ensemble that would be exhibited during one of those days... A day of escape; a break from real life and all the troubles that follow.

What would you wear on your day of liberation?


X Factor


Fringe and feathers at Chanel SS11.


Rough and Tough

[Dazed & Confused Korea]
Model: Hyoni Kang | Photographer: Alexander Neumann | Stylist: Aeri Yu

It's fun once in a while to break away from feminine flows and indulge in laid back street getups like one of the boys. Makes us wanna get down and dirty more often.


Slip Away

[Mr. Newton]

Soft sheer sexiness toughened with shearling boots.


Seeing Spots...


...in more style than one.


Arabian Day

[Elle Brazil Nov 2010]
Model: Caroline Trentini | Photographer: Zee Nunes & André Katopodis | Stylist: Susana Barbosa

Stacked bangles and turbans accessorizing layers of billowy dresses of clashing prints.


Locked Down

[Contributor Magazine]

Braids. Never-ending infatuation.


Rosso Corsa


Red. Rouge. Rojo. Any language in the world would agree that we need random pops of this color to brighten our lives.



[F21 top & heels, Calvin Klein strapless bra, DISTRIKMODE leggings, Sportsgirl headband, MNG sunglasses, thrifted clutch]

Have had this lattice-loaded top for almost a year but only now has it gotten the chance to shine and make its debut appearance. Somehow someway it looks better worn a year after its birthdate, not to mention added significance when taken to an unforgettable venue on an evening to remember.



(Rika Magazine #3 -- captured by Marc Hom)

Modern day witch on the street. Happy Halloween everyone!