See You Down Under!

Goodbye again Kuala Lumpur... and hello again Perth!!

I've had a lot of fun this year hopping back and forth between Malaysia and Australia for five times total, and am only few progressive steps away from realizing my dream of living a location independent lifestyle as an adventurous digital nomad! Freedom, independence and mobility are the qualities I value most in life and on top of my appreciation for style, I'm grateful enough to be able to live up to them to the fullest this year. The past few months have been exceptionally inspiring for me and my mind has been a whirlwind of mental fireworks (which effects I'll be exploring and documenting much more on this blog really soon so stay tuned) that resulted in many many sleepless nights. Nevertheless... my sketch book is overflooded with exciting ideas so I can't exactly complain!


Festive Romance

Touch of blazen orange and dash of silver shines in the Empire Rose collection remind me of a romantic holiday evening spent on top of a hill watching the sun goes down with a special someone... and those sparkly mini pouches? Can't be more perfect for holiday dinners.

Be festive and merry everyone! Happy holidays.


Spots and Stripes

Welcome to the jungle.

My super crazy fun sister Nabila (in leopard printed top) and our equally adventurous cousin Areesya (in zebra printed leggings) were itching for another photoshoot after their prior "success" so they came up with this animal kingdom theme. I had a blast painting their body parts and photographing these shots!


Messy Hair Day

Enough said!


Purple Haze

At my brother's Purple Haze jamming and production studio where my cousin Areesya and I messed around with some of the equipments in one of the unused rooms while the rest of the crew were busy recording a few new tracks. It's always a joy to visit the studio -- there are just too many things to check out! The walls are covered with amazing posters, original photos, vintage articles and one-of-a-kind collectibles.


Pit Stop at Caffeinees

Photos by Nabila

Hanging out at Chateau de Caffeinees. Just discovered this new quaint spot hidden in between much bigger cafes and restaurants along a super busy street here in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The place is well known for its range of smooth comforting coffees but I wasn't in the mood for one this particular evening so a glass of fresh apple and lime juice was in order instead to go with my french onion soup. Both the drink and soup turned out perfect. In fact, the ambience of this place is just what I needed to re-energize after a day of running around completing errands like a headless chicken. I can say I came for the food... but stayed for the ambience.

I wore a bright blue vintage velvet dress from the 60s, gladiator sandals from City Beach, fluorescent orange ipad case from Sportsgirl as a clutch, watch from Tag Heuer, rings from Forever21, Sportsgirl & Lovisa, silver cuff from a vintage market, sparkly silver bracelet from Equip and sunnies from Mango.


At Peace

“Love many, trust few and always paddle your own canoe”

Nothing like a peaceful breezy evening, canoeing at Shah Alam Lake here in Malaysia with my sister Nabila. It's so amazing to be able to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life to appreciate nature's amazing beauty. I wore a vintage top, Forever21 skirt, Mango cat eye sunnies, Sportsgirl hat and mixed accessories.


Call of Coral

With the fashion savvy crowd at Malaysia International Fashion Week day 2 wearing 90% vintage consisting of hot coral Versace blazer, white embossed skirt, lace tank top and black evening purse. The remaining 10% includes suede Betts wedges, chain harness from Sportsgirl and Mango sunnies.


Japanese Buffet at Saisaki

Mega delicious and mostly healthy Japanese lunch buffet at Saisaki. Somewhere in between working on my crispy prawn tempura, spicy chicken dim sum, endless variety of mushimono and sushi, shark's fin soup as appetizer and yam sponge cake for dessert, I realized that even though it was my first trip ever to the restaurant, I'm already dangerously hooked!



Manic over this hypnotic funkadelic chromatic mix!

Shows how much mischief (aka fun!) one can achieve when left alone to wander and shop at a local flea market. Bought this fluorescent colourful top and neon sunnies to match my silver-ringed peach-tipped fingers!


Change of Mind

Photos by Nabila

Typical evening, wearing atypical combination of clothes that include a hot fuschia hued La Senza satin slip with lace trimming, flea market floral stockings that actually succeeded in capturing my otherwise anti-floral-stockings heart, Calvin Klein boots, Mango sunnies, vintage purse from the 80s and mixed jewelries.



Photos by Nabila at Kinokuniya Bookstore in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The local bookstore. One of my ultimate favourite places to unwind at, no matter in which city or country I'm in. Overpiled with seemingly unlimited supply of books, magazines and random cool thingamajigs from all over the world, any bookstore for me is a heaven of information as much as it is medium for mental transformation -- to discover new ideas, to know how it feels (albeit figuratively) to walk in other persons' shoes and best of all... to let my imagination run wild and free! As captured here I was definitely in my own little world, wearing a layered colourblock sheer dress, gladiator sandals and mixed accessories.