Rest in Peace Michael

On June 25 we lost one of the most inspiring legends in the world. Not only did we lose a king in music, we also lost a fashion icon, and most importantly, a humanitarian hero. Rest in peace Michael Jackson, we love you very much.


Flight of fancy

I'll be catching a 20-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to New York in exactly 6 hours from now. I just got done with packing, and am amazed at how I managed to fit in more shoes than clothes! One of the pairs that I packed was these newly-bought wedges by a Malaysian label, Nose. This pair is truly a love at first sight. There's just something about its color combo, lightness of weight, and structured platform that made me swoon with joy the first time I laid my eyes on it. Too bad I didn't capture a shot of me wearing the wedges before I safely packed it. I suppose it'll make its outfit appearance on the blog in the big ol USA!


Happy Birthday Love Child

(Sketch by me)

I am a pair of shoes. A seductive dark 5-inch high architectural heels with platforms to be precise. I attract glances, I stir commotion, I provoke rumors. I transport you from the monotonous day you're living to the nocturnal hours filled with unpredictable possibilities. I witness indulgence, persuasion, and satisfaction. But I don't judge, I don't hinder, I don't blame. I am, after all, just a pair of shoes.