Lets play...

... during the daytime:

... and for the night out:
(CUBE NY booties, Urban Decay Eyeshadow, Alexander McQueen Faithful Glove clutch, BKE marbled bangle, Dorothy Perkins fringe dress, Chanel nail color in Orange Fizz #307 and Fire #159, Calypso sequin top, D&G Multicolor bag)


Hopeless Romantic


Touch of Inspiration


Falling sick and feeling a bit uninspired lately (possibly due to the never-ending seesaw weather we have here in America?), I "went" to see what the stylish ladies in Stockholm are up to. I must say, they lifted up my mood a bit, and now I actually feel that my body is worth being donned with something close to jazzy.

YAY for the weekend being just around the corner! :)

Also, I have been obsessing over these Willow babies for about a year now. Too bad that's all I can do and continue doing, unless I stumble across a much less expensive Willow look-a-like... or win a jackpot!



Into the Light

(Bf's wife beater, Freedom vest, Forever21 lace leggings, vintage Salvatore Ferragamo bag, Nine West, thrifted accessories)

I've had this Salvatore Ferragamo bag ever since I was a mere 8 year old -- a gift from my aunt. It survived through my elementary grades in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, high school years in Montreal, Canada, college days in Virginia, USA, up until now. This bag is no longer looking as polished as it used to be, but that doesn't lessen any love I have for it, not even a bit.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Bleached and Ripped

(Freedom faux leather vest, Forever21 tank top, DIY Levi's denim skirt,  vintage Versace chain necklace, Guess purse chain worn as bracelet)  

How to bleach and rip a denim skirt:
  1. Prepare your denim skirt, bleach, a container with small opening (in this case I used a spray bottle), a penknife/cutter, a huge disposable cardboard and an open space to execute your project.
  2. Pour the bleach safely into the container. Add water if you want a lighter bleach effect (I didn't).
  3. Pour/spray the bleach onto the denim skirt. Go ahead, treat the skirt as a blank canvas -- the design choice is yours to be creative with!
  4. Use the knife to initiate the cutting. Rip the rest of the cut to have less clean, more grungy effect. You can fray the hem as well, like I did.
  5. Hang the skirt to dry.
  6. Or if you're an impatient duck like me, just toss the drenched skirt into the dryer until fully dry :)


Painting the Town Red

(Forever 21 dress, thrifted purse, Nose shoes, vintage necklace, old Dior watch, freshly-picked flower, gold promise ring from the bf)

Woke up at 7am, fed the kitten, played with the kitten, did some design work, left home with the camera-ready bf, went to the bank, bought new much-needed flat sandals, went thrifting and found many great things that I can't wait to wear, realized it's a tax-free weekend and almost did double backward flips, barely made it to our routine Friday restaurant for the "1/2 price off on all appetizers between 5-6pm" special (we got there at 5:48pm), started driving to go buy groceries but went to our friends' house instead and played pool for the rest of the night!

Tomorrow: Gonna conquer the yard sales! :)




I am a happy-olic. I am addicted to joy. I can easily be delighted by the highly contagious grins, smiles and laughters. I love the joyous feeling of being happy and seeing others feel the same. Happy people means happy life. Happy life means meaningful life. When I'm not happy, I make myself happy. I believe happiness is a choice, not a circumstance.


5 Things

(vintage Ozbek blazer, Pink Rose leggings, Calvin Klein strapless bra, Bakers heels, bracelet from Malaysia, thrifted ring and necklace)
  1. Sometimes I think I really have both ADD and OCD
  2. I have too much black in my closet. But wait.. you already know that.
  3. I prefer "Get happy or die trying"
  4. Tropical fruits are the only fruits I eat... except Washington cherries :)
  5. I always have to have some kind of gravy, dip, or sauce with my food. ALWAYS. Hmm.. does that somewhat verify point #1?
Bonus #6: I didn't mean to not smile in these pictures. But you already know that too ;)