Silly Geese

Precious moments with irreplaceable buddies before I left Perth: watching the acrobatic street show in Fremantle while indulging in fuss-free munchies!


Glam Lelaki | Mens Glam

Consecutively, designs by Benson Chen (2), Joe Chia, Hyde, and Benson Chen again.

Though I'm all into fluorescent colours and bright bold patterns this season, I can't help but still be attracted to the classic black and whites at the Mens Glam showcase during MIFW. There's just a certain level of charming seduction brought to live by these seemingly quiet hues, when done right.


Look This Way

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Though milkshake in this case probably means the combination of my hot pink vintage Versace blazer, embossed mini skirt and frosty white lace tank draped with bronze chain body harness more than anything else!


Main Attraction

I had such a difficult time picking out favourite pieces from the Bernard Chandran showcase at MIFW. There were just too many lustworthy designs; hence the massive flood of images. Every single piece captured here simply speaks to me. I was deeply seduced by the combination of innovative cuts and brilliant layerings, fluidity in the fabric movement and incorporation of luminous elements in a clever enough way to be captivating without being excessive.


In Between Shows

Putting on a semi-intentional fa├žade of highly jazzed up spirits masking a mind and body clogged with exhaustion while still rockin' it up in An Old Flame single-sleeved blouse, Topshop faux leather skirt, Sportsgirl clutch, mixed accessories and good ole fishnet stockings!


Colours and Flow

Consecutively: designs by Fizi Woo, Afiq Mohamed, Merlee Shariff, Edwin Ao, Farliz, Raymond Goh & Afiq Mohamed again.

Selective pieces that stood out to me the most during the Autumn in Kuala Lumpur Daylight parade. Don't ask me why but the ease in flow and vibrance in colour remind me about the way I always try to treat my life -- like one whole big vacation, filled with moment seizing, carefree adventures and indescribable joy! Simply speaking, the ideas conveyed through these designs can't help but make me purely happy.


Time Killers

Few snaps taken before and after the Bernard Chandran showcase during Malaysia International Fashion Week with Diana, Ziaf and the rest... one of the nondebatable activities you can count on out of us photo freaks! I wore a vintage silver blazer, hot pink La Senza slip under a lace skirt, Dangerfield fringed studded bag, Calvin Klein boots, vintage choker necklace and mixed rings.


Oversized shiny bags at the Bernard Chandran Spring Summer 2012 show last night. Carried on the shoulders like that, they somewhat resemble santa's big bag full of toys. Which means nothing but goodies! Intentional or otherwise, it's actually not a bad business move... considering the joyous season is just around the corner!


Finer Things in Life

Designs by Din Anuar, Erdan (2), Azfar (2) & Saleh Hamid (3).

I had a blast at the Glory of Kebaya showcase -- didn't realize how amazing the effect can be when lavish traditional fabrics like sequined lace and malay songket are used in less excessive kind of way. Or at least cut in more casual shapes suitable for daily wear. Either way, all I know is that somehow someway I have to get my hands on that insanely stunning red lace-sleeved blazer by Saleh Hamid!


The Dark Truth

Top to bottom: Designs by Wong Sek Li (2), Tan Phaik Imm (2), Kok Leong Vee and Shannar (2)

Day 1 at Malaysia International Fashion Week.

Loving the bondage influence, layers of lace and chiffon, incorporation of leather, and ultimately designs that push the typical notion of shapes and silhouettes. I have to say, my mind wasn't prepared to be this stimulated! And these were all only from the first show (there were four!) so I hope you stay tuned for the next rounds...