This was a hand-me-down from one of my mum's best friends. It's everything you want in a sweater dress; the warmth of wool, the deep blue hue, and the shape that softly wraps around your silhouette. With this outfit, I think of a stroll in a park, enjoying the crisp autumn air while walking through patches of rich amber and gold fallen leaves. It's a feast for the eyes, any way you see it.


Modern Romance




Chiffon Sheer

(Chiffon dress worn as blouse, Forever21 shorts, Zara belt, vintage Dior purse, Calvin Klein boots)

I don't think I'll ever get tired of wearing anything sheer (well, maybe when I'm 60 I'll reconsider this). When thoughtfully put together with other basics and solids, a sheer garment can instantly add a touch of sultry class to your outfit. It might even be the statement piece! I absolutely see myself making full use of my sheer pieces this season, as autumn provides nothing but the perfect temperature to layer them with oversized sweaters and jackets without exhibiting that heavy, suffocating winter look.


The Finer Things

Feel like scaling up a bit? Add a touch of dark lace, a fitting pencil skirt, a bright chic belt, and killer shoes.