ELLERY Spring 2011 RTW Collection Launch

Tuesday night saw the launch of the much anticipated ELLERY Spring 2011 RTW collection at One40William. This invitation-only affair officially kicks off the 2011 Perth Fashion Festival event schedule and with a venue that could not have been more appropriate to befit the stunning occasion, the rest is practically no more than (exquisitely rich) icing on the cake: uber stylish crowd, mega scrumptious hors d'oeuvres, and a hands down phenomenal show.

Exceptional eye-catchers of the collection: Bright whites head to toe. Leather cropped tops. Structured yet loose-fitting silhouettes. Bronze, gold, or black anything and everything. Nothing but solely temporary ink tattoos and compelling attitude as accessories.

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Before It All Began

[Photographed by Fizah Biahgi and I]

Backstage craziness prior to the Mystical Lotus fashion show.

*Runways shots coming soon... you wouldn't want to miss it for the WORLD... stay tuned!


Minute in Motion

Videography & song choice: AJ. Song: John Mayer "Not Myself. Styling: My own self. Venue: Empire Hotel, Brunei Darussalam.

Approximately 1.5 months ago during my unforgettable birthday vacation in glorious Brunei Darussalam -- on a peaceful breezy day while the crew and I were cooling ourselves off by the beach at the breathtakingly beautiful Empire Hotel & Country Club where I was rockin' vintage Moschino dress, a vintage hat from America, mixed accessories, vintage clutch, and Gucci boots. Only another two more more months until I get to reunite with the crew again so in between now and then my heart beats in joyful anticipation!

This is the first video my crew and I have ever done for this blog and the whole experience was nothing short of thrilling! Hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed filming it :)


Easy Come Easy Go

Wanted: Anything and everything from the Alexander Wang Spring 2011 T Collection.


Ellery Love

[Ellery Fall Winter 2011]
Model: Ashley Smith. Photographer: Paul Empson. Hair stylist: Romina Manenti. Makeup artist: Tiina Roivainen

If you're into muted pastels, contemporary armour cuts, and metallic accents as much as I am then you wouldn't want to miss this for the world -- Perth's own Kym Ellery will be in town very soon and you, my dear readers, are cordially invited to the exclusive ELLERY pop up boutique to be held next week on March 29, showcasing the Autumn Winter Ready To Wear 2011 collection, Tenenbaums in the Tuileries. Inspired by the film The Royale Tenenbaums and the queen of France Marie Antoinette, this collection presents a powerful paradox with the blend of sportswear aplomb with refined opulence. This is an invite-only event, so please RSVP to Jacqui at jbrown@perthfashionfestival.com.au if you would like to attend.

Fight or Flight

[Made Her Think Fall 2011]
Model: Marianna. Photographer: James Macari. Stylist: James M Rosenthal

Let's just say that a lot of gawking and gasping were involved when browsing through the Fall 2011 collection of Made Her Think, a New York based jewelry label by jewel genius Meredith Kahn. Solid proof that no creations can go wrong with a touch of modern edge. Well, in my style dictionary at least.


In Good Company

Do your accompaniments reflect your personality?


Jack of All Trades

Straightforward plain and clean or over the top and eye-catching.


Life Jacket Fashion Fundraiser

Backstage plus runway shots from Life Jacket, a fantastic charity fashion fundraiser that was recently organized to raise money to help the victims of the flood in Queensland and Cyclone Yasi. Held at the Trappist on King, the catwalk showcased Perth’s up and coming new designers: CINNshe, Seven Sins Swimwear, Red Dusk Designs, Laura Gregory, Jonte Pike, Tegan Waters, and many more. It would've been a much more memorable night filled with many more fashionable captures had I not had to leave early due to a family emergency... regardless, much thanks to Jacinta for the lovely invitation!


In Reminiscence

[H&M Magazine]

Take me back to the old days... when life was so easy and free...


Metal Minded

Mixing old and new:

Lumiere necklace. Tag Heuer watch. Lovisa ring. Forever21 ring. Equip bracelet. Metropolitan satin headband. Equip headband.


Nothing to Hyde

At the Hyde Park Community Fair a couple of days ago during the 3-day weekend here in Perth, where my Monday afternoon was spent tasting a variety of foods from different heritage and stuffing myself with fresh mango yogurt smoothie while checking out unique handmade jewelries and antique accessories, purchasing new leather pieces to wear them right then and there (I'm officially a proud owner of an Australian leather bush hat), and feeling a tad embarrassed during an awkward conversation with Mr. Leatherman:

Me: Do you custom make body harnesses?
Him: No, we don't make make harnesses for dogs..
Me: Umm... I mean for humans...
Him: (Weird look) Err.. nah we don't do those..