Island View

With each stunning Langkawi Island sunset viewed while sitting cross-legged on an old chair at my Awana hotel room balcony, as I calmly sip honey lemon green tea from a cup wrapped tightly in both hands and held closely against my chest, I realized... life simply doesn't get any better than this.


Fine Prints

Contrary to the caliginous winter atmosphere, my eyes are drawn to all things filled with vibrant patterns and colours -- which resulted in the purchase of these new tribal and snakeskin earrings from my ultimate go-to accessory shop Lovisa (they're having a massive mid year sale right now so go go go!) and the capture of my sister's abstract printed turbanesque headwrap from Sportsgirl.

What sort of prints are striking your closet chord this season?


Black Magic

Leather, fringe, animal print, and studs... nothing else is new! Few quick snaps styling the Steve Madden Sachii platform wedges with simple long sleeved tee, sheer cardigan, maxi skirt and overly decorative sling bag, before heading out with my sister to pick up the first collection of products for our soon-to-launch KAZECA online shop (yes, it's really happening and we're uber excited!!). Seriously can't wait to share more about this new creation with you all... the shop website, our stylebooks, and most of all the products!! We'll be announcing our daily progress via Facebook and Twitter, so (if you haven't already) make sure you follow us for updates!


Creature Comforts

Nothing like cozy scarves and a cuppa creamy latte to chase the winter blues away..

I love this candid shot I captured of my sister Nabila silently agreeing with the sky that seemed to promise a beautiful weather ahead, right before we both headed out to Dome Cafe by Scarborough Beach to indulge in warm coffees and cakes.


Inspiration: Tribal Beat

The wild side of my soul would be incomplete without daily visits to inspirational sites, one of it being the Spell & the Gypsy Collective blog, where I found all these amazing shots from! My heart screams for all things brimming with loud creative edge and extreme wilderness -- excessive tribal adornments, turquoise jewelries, living, breathing and sleeping in teepees, bones, stones and tusks, navajo prints, candles and lanterns, and neverending fringe, leather and feathers!


Walking Tall

Ever since I acquired my chunky Steve Madden Sachii wedges I've been obsessing over strutting at this taller level in all kinds of footwear so you can only imagine how psyched I was to see that Asos has launched their shoe sale early! I'm currently eyeing these delectable treats (from left to right, top to bottom):

Asos Hop Scotch Leather Wedges with Buckles $170.05 $85.03
Messeca Kelly Platform Sandal $289.08 $173.45
Senso Narcisco Wedge Ankle Boot $212.56 $149.64
Sam Edelman Kellan Leather Lace-Up Wedges With Cut-Out $340.10 $217.66
Messeca Carlie Metallic Wedge Sandals $306.09 $214.26
Asos Vibe Flatforms With Two Tone Effect $85.03 $42.51
Surface to Air Echo Platform Wedge Sandals $476.14 $285.68
Asos Highlight Wedges with Colour Block $93.53 $45.91

Hope you're enjoying this sale shopping as much as I am!

LIVE: Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring Summer 2013


Burberry Prorsum Menswear Autumn Winter 2012 Runway Show LIVE from Milan.
23rd June 10:30pm Perth/Kuala Lumpur/Singapore/Taipei time.
(Get your time here if you're from a different city)

Runway to Reality:
Once again DISTRIKMODE is selected as one of the major fashion websites around the world taking part in live streaming the Burberry fashion show from London! Lets watch together, and if you see something you fancy from the show you can beat the rest of the fashion pack by getting your pieces well ahead at Burberry before the full collection is made available to public. Be back here early tonight. You wouldn't want to miss the pre and post show entertainment including red carpet arrivals and exclusive backstage access live from Milan!



Leopard. Lace. Leather. And as of today, turbans.

I seriously cannot be happier with this carefree yet edgy structure. Literally has my name blasted all over it. Over here layering a favourite sheer lace skirt from Shakuhachi over an old pair of leggings and teaming them up with a vivid leopard printed cardigan from Ally. With a deliberately unfitting bright coloured scarf wrapped to become a turban, rusty old triangular necklace, simple cotton snood and THE Steve Madden Craizie ankle boots thrown in, the equation for an ultimate go-to getup came complete. I find the process of integrating the turban into daily styling just as fluid as the positive progress that's developing on this website: I'm teaming up with my sister Nabila to morph DISTRIKMODE into KAZECA, in the hope to become a bigger and better platform for style rad/mad-ness! But more details on that later.. but soon, so stay tuned.


Golden Spark

Outfit ensemble for tonight's dinner date! Decided to keep it casual glam by partnering this shimmery vintage inspired dress by Table Eight with my new favourite CRAIZIE leather ankle boots from Steve Madden. This dress tightly wraps down to my knees like second skin, giving of a super sexy silhouette, so... we'll see to what extent of craziness this piece will lead me to tonight ok! *wink*


Life in Travel

Few visual perks from my two-week life in travel: Simple teriyaki meal with green tea. Extensive makeup set. Roses by the bed. New galaxy printed dress from Zara. Chanel Iphone case in white. Lilac nails. Best satay in town. Prada purse cake!


New Heights

Heading out to Kuala Lumpur city for a day of shopping! With my new favourite team, a head-turning leopard printed maxi skirt and Steve Madden's SACHII platform insanity!


Legendary Elvis as company while I showered. The renowned rock star service that truly makes you feel like a rock star. Hands down THE most comfortable bed in the universe that made it extremely difficult to get up in the morning to catch breakfast but the amazing breakfast buffet spread made 'sleeping in' til only 10am every day totally worth it. Not to mention a whole week of celebrating pop culture from the 50's through the new millennium in a radically vibrant and contemporary atmosphere!

Only at the hip and trendy Hard Rock Hotel.