Wishing you all a happy year-ending and enjoyable holidays!


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Seasonal Crops

Some three years ago, a wave descended upon the clothed masses. From stores to streets, what appeared to be half-done jackets became the key item du jour. Denim, cotton, hooded, long or short sleeved, cropped jackets were everywhere. For us, cropped anything can be dangerous territory. Two areas that almost all females anguish over are given more attention than neccessary. These pieces either made an outfit instantly top-heavy focusing on the upper-body or are halved ever so conveniently, drawing attention to the hips. Clearly, we've gotten over this little hiccup. Distrikmode paired these micro-jackets with an equally micro-dress; the billowy light cotton bottom perfectly extending the look into a shapely silhouette.

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Rebel Rouser

Call it evolution, call it devolution, Distrikmode is taking arms to join the pant-less revolution. Inspired by the 80s love for all things spandex-glam and the Spring/Summer 2010 runway looks, this look compels you to liberate yourselves from the pant-doning mainstream and embrace the soon-to-be pantless norm. Heavy on top, light and bare on the bottom -- a deadly combination?

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City Muse

Rock & roll glam is an indulgence in every sense of the word. It draws inspiration from the most extravagant and risk-averse of stage artists while underscoring the feminine appeal of each decade. Distrikmode's ode to rock & roll glam is this slim-fitting body-con. We found this piece in a little boutique called Muse. Appropriately, the city is our muse and the look becomes the masterpiece. What better place to be Rock & roll glam than the city; where the lights and sounds of the urban backdrop interplay with statement colours and pattern.

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In Wonderland

An homage to the fairy princess in us all. Soft overflowing flowers wrapping sleeked-back hair epitomizes feminine chic. As for the colors, here we chose grey and blue accented hues to balance the ultra soft pink rose. Anchoring the head pieces is an all black, mandarin-collared top, unevenly tiered till the bottom. A tight grey sweater that just about sits on the waist perfectly frames the billowed bottom of the dress. The jagged black bangles that captures light at any angle, reminds us all that this girl's glam is not to be taken lightly.

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The Exhibit

If our lives and entire beings were frozen in time and placed in an exhibit,
what would the world see?

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