Washed Away

"Cascade your forgiveness on me like a raging water fall
and cleanse me completely
When at last my guilt is washed away
I pray that you will clothe me once again
Outfit me for the battle of my soul
Give me renewed strength and courage
and let me find rest and peace in you."


Perth Fashion Week | Hendrik Vermeulen

The stunning Perth Fashion Week showcase by Hendrik Vermeulen, a South African designer whose impeccable attention to detail exuded via his evening and bridal wear designs simply left me, and everyone else present, in deep silent awe.


Lost in Layers

Photos #1 & #2 by Trish

In between shows with Trish at Perth Fashion Week. Looking back at these photos I can't believe I piled this much stuff on me. Whether I was trying to lose weight carrying the extra kilos or simply blaming the weather is completely beyond me but somehow I managed to walk around wearing a trapeze tank from Witchery, vintage Escada blazer, a pashmina from Malaysia, Sportsgirl studded clutch (which I know has appeared on this blog quite a lot recently, but I can't help it if it matches everything I wear!), custom made leather cuff, leopard printed stockings from Equip and Nine West Donley military boots.


Perth Fashion Week | Francesca Di Maria

Francesca Di Maria in black and white.

I was super stoked to the bones when I received an invitation from TCFWA to attend the international shows during Perth Fashion Week (thank you Ms. Margaret Rushe Farrell for thinking of me and thank you Clarisse for making it all happen!) just as much as I was excited to see this particular show! So many beautiful pieces were paraded down the runway but these specific shots undoubtedly elucidate my irrefutable favor towards ultra short and mega long silhouettes. Seriously, how could I say no to luxurious lace mania, silky smooth drapings and thought-invoking cuts?


Daily Essentials

Mix of old and new necessities: Bobbi Brown foundation in warm natural, Sephora compact powder and blusher, MAC special edition Shop MAC eyeshadow pallette in Colour Added, Victoria's Secret Luscious Kisses body lotion that contains Valencia Orange, Coconut and Tonka Bean, Dior Addict lip polish smoothing lacquer #002, Versace pour homme fresh fragrance for daily spritzes, and Dolce & Gabbana Rose the One perfume for special nights out.


Sponsored Video: River Island Vogue Off

[Sponsored by River Island]

“You’ve got the looks but have you got the moves?”

Fashion meets technology as one of my favourite British brands River Island recently released their Spring/Summer 2012 ad campaign in the form of a Facebook application called River Island Vogue Off. The video I posted above advertises the application, where you can see River Island models Sid, Ryan, Marloes, Eliza, Jacob and Alejandra act out a series of comical dance routines in accordance with a rather tongue-in-cheek narrative. Check out the video! It’s highly entertaining… I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing!

Well, great news for you and me, now we can all join in the dance-off fun! River Island has made this Facebook app publicly interactive and mobile, which means it can easily be played on an iPad anytime, anywhere. The app basically lets you paste a snap of your face as well as your fashion-obsessed friends’ faces onto the program to see what you all look like when busting some serious dance-off moves. To join what could possibly be the funniest dance-off of the century, feel free to try out the application here. Let me know when you’ve tried it out. I can't wait to hear all about your tickling tale!

For those who are not so familiar with River Island, here’s the lowdown: This Britain-based retailer is known for their unique style, original designs and affordability. They have nearly 300 stores across the UK, Ireland and internationally throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe. This brand claims to be the ultimate spot for customers to pick up everything you could ever need for a complete head-to-toe look -- amazing dresses, delectable denims, fabulous shoes and handbags, and more! To learn more about River Island, connect and keep up with them via Facebook or Twitter.


I've Been Rocked!

Rocked it mega hard during my stay at Hard Rock Hotel Penang in Malaysia last week. Kicked back at their hip and trendy cafe one of the nights to wine and dine (indulged in their irresistable Jumbo Combo that included Sant Fe spring rolls, hickory-smoked chicken wings, onion rings, potato skins and tupelo chicken tenders... served with four different sauces!) while being entertained by one of the local indie bands.

Had one hell of a rockin' night for sure!


Wrapping my blue devil nails around my blue devil drink.


Island Life

Enjoying the simplicities of life to the max on Malaysia's very own Penang Island, where it's all about beautiful beaches, warm smiles and unforgettable adventures...

More updates coming up later -- now I'm off to rev up my supercharged jet ski for a wild wild ride!


Tropical Walk

One laid back afternoon over here at Bukit Bintang shopping central in Kuala Lumpur city, donning new ultimate favourites: multicoloured maxi dress and studded clutch from Sportsgirl, vintage bracelets, necklace and Tag Heuer watch, plus flea market cropped cardigan and sandals. Hands down the easiest team of outfit to walk around the city in while shopping!


The Crossover

Crossing over to Sentosa Island... just in time to witness the Singaporean sunset. Couldn't have asked for a better view!


Holiday Mode

I'm officially on vacation, enjoying a humongous breakfast feast at my favourite kopitiam in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Will be staying here acting a fool before my next stop... Singapore!