Fringe Fight

[Vogue Germany March 2011]
Model: Ymre Stiekema | Photographer: Alexi Lubomirski | Stylist: Christiane Arp

Mega long fringe in many forms than one.


The Sequence

A tiny slice of the fashion pie that is the Betty Sugar Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Parade and Meet the Designer event which took place earlier today at Boutiki, a luxury boutique in Subiaco Western Australia.

1. Part of the outfit I wore to the event
2. A rad necklace on one of the models during the fashion parade

Many more shots including the beautiful clothing and garment details on the models, the guests, and myself, will be revealed tomorrow as soon as I overcome this exhaustion caused by the scorching summer heat of Perth... so stay tuned!


On Easy Street


Partnering soft buttery brown with black and over-stacking bangles, bracelets, & watches all on one sturdy wrist.


Perth Fashion Blogger Meet Up

What do you get when you gather nineteen talented ladies who are stylish in their own unique way, a plethora of nicknacks spread across multiple colourful picnic mats, and one beautiful venue on top of a hill overlooking the riverside city? ONE HELL OF A FABULOUS EVENING that is! Memories from the Perth Fashion Blogger Meet Up held on Sunday:

1. Laughter and joy between Abby, Chow, Alexis, and Laura. Wonder what was tickling their fancy?
2. The delightful duo who organized the event: Jessie and Jacqui (Mega thanks!)
3. Faux foxtail clung onto a bag... or on anything for that matter.
4. Eye candy for the snack hungry
5. With Kaye and Bec. Such an honor to meet and hang out with these amazing ladies!
6. Deep in conversation, undivided in attention.
7. Solitary amidst the vibrant scene
8. Dots. Leopard. Floral.
9. The much wiser brother of the infamous fanny pack
10. Super chic floral hair garland on Kim
11. Suze and Jacqui rockin' soft, fuss-free pastels!

PS: Too many shots to fit this tiny space, so remaining photos from the event are on Facebook. I know you can barely wait to have a look... so go on already!


Clutching Through New York Fashion Week


What caught my eye on the streets of New York City during NYFW: Snakeskin. Leather. Zippers. Tassels. Sheepskin. Faux fur.


Keys of Karma

H&M dress. Hat from USA. Scarf & clutch from Singapore. Fishnet stockings from Malaysia. Mango sunnies. Mixed rings & bracelets. Gucci boots.

What goes around comes around. What goes up must come down.


Strike Out!

Dress & vest from a boutique in Singapore. Snakeskin printed leggings from Guess. Vintage Chanel backpack. Mixed accessories. Boots from Australia.

"Wasting" the night away in the name of pure fun. Can't remember the last time I bowled, but this recent avocation gave my self esteem much boost when I realized that despite lack of practice, my skill of striking apparently hasn't deteriorated. Ha! Who would've thought aye?

And as promised in the previous post, here's the dress I was talking about. The slashes by the shoulder points simply capture my heart. I was immediately sold as soon as I laid eyes on them. Outfitted here over (hands down) the most comfortable leggings I've ever worn!

PS: By the time you read this post I will probably already be at 30,000 feet above the Indian Ocean, on a plane from Malaysia to Australia. See you down under!


Steady Sidekicks

Accessories: Some from F21, some from Charlotte Russe, some from flea markets, some thrifted, some gifted. Watch from Tag Heuer. Snakeskin printed leggings from Guess. Vest from a boutique in Singapore. Vintage Chanel backpack.

The regulars that I rarely leave the house without. The dress assembled together with these finger/wrist confectionaries here have pretty rad detailing as well, but I won't be able to showcase it today as I'm busy packing to head back to Aussieland! But I'll try my best to get more images of this outfit ensemble up here early tomorrow ladies (and gents).. Promise.. So stay tuned!



Vintage Mugler vest | Random market skirt | Mask from a local party shop

Celebrating the beginning of my 27th year of existence today -- the finale of my birthday week in Brunei Darussalam -- in the form of a black and white masquerade party hosted by family and friends. With series of surprises along the week on top of many memorable places visited and great new memories formed with loved ones, I can easily say this has been the best week of 2011 for me thus far: too much love, too much laughter, too much joy!


Passing Through

It's my birthday week! Doing something random this year by escaping the big cities to be in peaceful Brunei Darussalam. It has been a little over 8 years since the last time I set foot on this exquisite country known for its 'Kampong Ayer' (Water Village), rich with oil and natural gas, and famous for it's beautiful palaces and mosques. Contrary to my initial expectation, this trip has so far been everything but dull. Brunei hasn't developed much over these past few years but I don't hear myself complaining so I suppose I must like Brunei unchanged just the way it is. It has only been my first full day here, yet I've already went shopping while sightseeing, chilled by the beach, roamed around the amazingly beautiful Empire Hotel & Country Club, went private bowling with family and friends, and consumed way too much (good) food!

1 and 3: A couple of lace favourites I've packed along | 2: Experiencing sunrise at 30,000 feet above the ground | 4: Heading towards the beach for dinner at sunset