It's Day and Night

Since I had so much fun with the last post, I thought I would do the same. Here, I've taken a black-white floral print poofy skirt and used it for two occasions. Well the title is as self-evident as it gets... For the daytime look, I made sure to use bright colors for my bag and top. A tight-fitting T-shirt and black cut-off tights are the perfect way to make any outfit more casual and chic. For the nighttime look below, I opted for a loose glittery beige top and gold bag to match. The skirt's pattern, though floral is modern and versatile, allowing for two looks in one day.

To end this post, I thought I would bring up something that came to my attention yesterday while watching BBC. Not sure if many of you know this, but I was surprised to find out that 8 days ago, we celebrated Peace Day.

In 1999, Jeremy Gilly conceived of a day in the year, where all conflict and bloodshed would cease. Admittedly, while watching the documentary that followed Gilley's journey, hundreds of reasons for his potential failure were crossing my mind. Could it actually be possible? It's been 10 years since he embarked on his goal. Since then, the UN passed a resolution to mark 21st September as the official day for peace and leaders worldwide made their pledges to uphold this day. Most notably, in 2007, in Afghanistan, (one of, if not the most volatile country on earth) tribal leaders, local teachers and warlords in cooperation with the UN and WHO, agreed on a temporary ceasefire allowing 1.4 million children to be given life-saving polio vaccinations.

More so than compelling you to take a stand, Gilley's documentary at least asks us to question the point of skepticism, when optimism can actually affect change.


In So Many Ways...

Necessity breeds invention they say. In this case, the need to limit my spending compelled the transformation of one simple white cotton top to three distinct looks. Starting with the first look, the top is layered with a cream pinstripe blazer to highlight an evening element and further accentuated with a bold red belt. The red bow was my slightly tamer version of this year's LV bunny ears. Overall, I chose to keep the color choices simple but bright and again varied in texture and hues. Though a bit on the summer side, all you need is a car up to the nightclub and a coat-check, and you'll be the coolest one in the steamy venue!

The second look is fitting for a luncheon with the girls, or a lunch date with a significant someone.Basically, hitting the town on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, wanting to be comfortable without having to look frumpy. Here, I've taken a cotton white collared shirt, short on the sleeves, and made a little white dress. To downplay the soft look, I've buttoned up the shirt, allowing for the sharp edges of the collar to stand out. Pairing the dress with black stockings and my grey booties just adds that modern element to the entire look.

Finally, to my other LV inspired look. This fall creation combines a flattering yet sensible skin tight sweater, an oversized scarf, and the cotton top turned flared skirt. The subdued fall colors and shapely accents lend to simplicity and visual appeal. Black stockings and studded leather booties, adds that small amount of edge on this feminine look.
The key to the top was the length and its shape; long enough to convert to a short evening dress, and wide enough in its flare to turn into a fresh white mini.

What inventions have your necessities bred?


Blue Berlin

(Zara Military Jacket, Ankle Boots from Germany, Black Stockings, thrifted Cotton Vest, random Charcoal Top, Peek & Cloppenburg Scarf from Germany, Absolute Checkered Shorts)
(Photos by Tobias Schweizer)

This year, I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in beautiful Berlin (thanks to my boyfriend who took me there!). It was my first time in the city and I absolutely adore it. People of all kinds of fashion sense were present, and this outfit was expectedly inspired by my surroundings. Another outfit to transition into the fall; I've taken fall-coloured shorts and a dark tank and layered, layered layered. The most important idea for me is to balance between complimenting while contrasting pieces, either through colors, textures or lengths. My favorite piece of the entire look has to be my new found shoes. They look different, a bit quirky if you will and remind me of old English military boots (I'm pretty sure I saw a similar pair while watching Pride and Prejudice).


Carte Blanche

Simply adore how these ladies have taken white to the next effortless chic level!


Black and Blue

(Zara cardigan, Forever21 skirt, thrifted lace top and purse, Calvin Klein boots, vintage earrings)

My heart feels blue
As I realize with sorrow
You're no longer here
Today nor tomorrow

My soul seems black
Like a moonless night
I can only hope to be
Blessed with your light

Rest in peace Little Lola



Borrow from the boys.

"Mens sized ESPRIT plaid shirt, D&G red belt, Nine West black pumps, Ralph Lauren shades, black leggings and charcoal tank top"
(Photos by Tobias Schweizer)

This is my take on the whole plaid shirt bit we've been seeing for a while. Instead of buying a new one, grab a piece from a gracious male counterpart a.k.a boyfriend, brother, friend or dad. Glam it up until only a hint of that masculine Paul Bunyan (mythical lumberjack who appears in American folklore) look remains. By cinching the shirt with a matching colored belt, (to define your waist) turn the top into a mini! With an ensemble of dramatic heels, makeup and hair (à la Amy Winehouse), even an old plaid shirt could be dressed up.


In a Tight Spot

(Cardigan and stretchable skinny pants from Marshalls, thrifted lace tank top, vintage purse and necklace, designer bracelet)

I hardly wear enough long pants or jeans, and in the occasions that I do, I typically opt for ones made of stretchy material. The reason is largely due to necessity rather than preference, since it is almost impossible to find pants that perfectly fit both my thighs and waist at the same time. If it fits just right around the waist, it's way too snug around the thighs. If it perfectly fits the thighs, it's always too big around the waist. In most cases, I would have to get my pants altered to tighten the waistline in order to have the pants hug just nice around the thighs. Simply put, stretchable pants are the easiest solution, although not always the easiest find, to this pant problem of mine.


A Salute to Fall

"Black cotton baby doll dress", "black stockings", "ZARA military jacket", "black studded ankle boots", "Ralph Lauren shades"

While reviewing the Fall/Winter 09 collection, I stumbled across one of my most favorite of Moschino looks . There were only a few items adorning the model, but I instantly loved what she represented. Similar to what I have replicated, this outfit is about a girl who is not ready to let go of the summer days, acquiescing nontheless to the coming fall with style. The heavier military jacket perfectly balances the light baby doll dress, (or pleated mini skirt in the Moschino case) that has yet to prove its irrelevance despite the coming cold. Finally, to complete the feminine military look, I wear a pair of leather studded ankle boots. This post salutes the fall because it allows die-hard summer fans to incorporate past season favorites with pieces you would rather wear in lower temperatures.


From Work to Play

(black PENA ruffled blouse, grey V-neck ZARA sweater, black Amcerian Apparel pencil skirt, GUESS bag, strappy black Kenneth Cole pumps, Ralph Lauren shades)

This is the last installment of looks from my first post. If you're one of the many that find themselves chasing time, this outfit will hopefully give you the much needed respite from your busy day. Whether it be classes, a presentation at work or a business meeting, our professional spheres and respective wardrobes tend to dominate the day. For those whose work times come narrowly close to a night out with friends, a transition outfit is needed to save you the trek back home and wardrobe change. Inspired by the Spring 2008 runway shows, this look combines the traditional element of ruffles, with the present day structured and streamlined look. With layers of different textures, we have hints of academia from the grey V-neck, the professional yet flattering shape of the black pencil skirt, and the playfullness of a ruffled blouse. The cream bag outlined in black contrasts perfectly against the outfit's dark silhouette. Finally, I pair the entire look with patent black pumps; a staple for both work and play. As an ensemble and as individual pieces, the items neither clash nor outshine each other. Who says business and pleasure can't mingle?


Fringe Benefits

(Forever21 tee, cardigan from Marshalls, Almost Famous shorts, random belt, vintage Chanel purse, Guess boots)

The highlight of my pre-weekend (specifically Friday) was taking these boots, a recent purchase of mine, for it's first ever walk. Not only is this pair made of suede (my most favorite material for boots) and has fringes that make my struts filled with so many fun twists and swishes, but these darlings are also studded! There's nothing more I could ever ask for out of this pair.

It also doesn't hurt that this cardigan has an uber cool crochet design in the back! :)