Oh Malaysia!

Amidst all the exciting craziness that has been happening since I came back to Perth two weeks ago I totally forgot I have these shots hidden in between a plethora of snaps in my desktop folders. A so-called visual summary of my trip back to Malaysia for a whole two months; chilling out in the capital city Kuala Lumpur known for its monumental Petronas Twin Towers, showing the family cats Moffy and Molly endless love and undivided attention (for once), having fun at my brother's jamming/recording studio and eating at the most interesting places around the city (you can literally find any kind of food in Malaysia... including my personal favourite Mexican bites!), attending my cousin's wedding in a village hours away from the city (what a relief!), indulging in extremely juicy tropical fruits like pulasan and mangosteen, and not to mention witnessing a phenomenal sunrise from up high in the sky on the way back to Perth!