Rooftop Fancies

This is a story of a girl who was invited to a rooftop party.

Bling! The elevator comes to a halt. The wall of mirrors that surround her, deceive us to think she moves with a crowd. Her entrance dramatic, her mind abuzz, with a million and one thoughts that cross her. She sits down, looks around, hoping to find a connection.
Boredom and apathy descend. At least her colours pop more than those around her. She finds things to play, inanimate objects breathe more life than the drones up above. Ready for a change, she gets another call, hopping from rooftop to rooftop.

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Glam Squad

Who ever said stepping out of a police truck has to be unglamourous?

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Good, good night.

White dress by CULTIVATION, Brown leather shoes by NINE WEST

On this night (Saturday), I was standing with barely 3 hours of sleep.

After what seemed like one of the longest weeks of my life, Friday wasn’t feeling any shorter. With little need of encouragement from my colleagues, the night took off and I washed down the week’s frustrations faster than my gin and tonics. Hours passed from bar to bar to club, and many, “OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!”s later, I found myself in a cab to the airport. No, no....intentionally.

Arrived in Kuala Lumpur, dazed and potentially reeking of a nightclub. Met mum and sister, and soon after plopped myself down on a chair, staring at the error I needed to correct for a presentation at work. It’s a wonder what 9 hours on a Saturday staring at Excel can do to one’s rational capabilities. Should I go out again? Shouldn’t I be giving myself the much needed R&R? I likely answered these questions well before I asked them.

Which comes to this post’s outfit. Feeling like you just got off a plane from a night of partying, worked away the Saturday and made plans to go out again? Why not try this fix: A frock that just about follows your curves, colored in fresh and crisp white cream, textured and tiered with the softest cotton. The dress, will not only give a sleep deprived body a fashion facelift, but first hand experience shows you will undoubtedly stand out on the dance floor full of scantily clad women in black. 

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Heads Up!

L-R, T-B: Dazed and Confused/Vogue Germany/Elle Russia/Elle Russia

Lusting over uniquely designed head pieces to go with my highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2010 clothing additions :)

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to model in a fashion show for "Project Do It Right", organized by Petaling Jaya College of Art and Design (a local college in Kuala Lumpur), a charity event supporting Safe Sex Awareness Campaign in Malaysia. So stay tuned for pictures from the show!


Layering Leggings

I found that a great way to take your summer leggings along to colder winter weather is to layer them, as done here, where I wore my transparent lace leggings over another basic black leggings. Which at first were deemed as a very limiting piece of clothing, these lace leggings turned out to be surprisingly versatile; during fall I wore them here with shorts and red leopard-lined blazer and during summer I wore them here under a baby doll top and leather jacket. Now, in much colder weather, when overlapped, this pair managed to provide extra warmth and comfort. And not mention the additional lovely lace texture :)

PS: I'm catching a flight to Malaysia tomorrow morning! So I'm on hectic mode, busy packing and wondering what else I might be forgetting...


A Well-Priced Trick.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!