Mandurah Crab Fest 2012

My friends and I drove all the way to Mandurah this past Saturday just so we can indulge in seafood at the Crab Fest 2012!


Animal Instincts

Having a blast at Perth zoo! Despite the massive heat and dryness that felt worse than the Sahara dessert, few animals still managed to come out of the shade to show an antic or two. Going through the Australian Walkabout and Asian Rainforest was fun and all, but my ultimate favourite part of the zoo was without a doubt the African Savannah, a recreation that exhibits African painted dogs, African lions, cheetahs, Grant's zebras, Hamadryas baboons, meerkats, radiated tortoises, Rothschild's giraffes, spotted hyaenas and southern white rhinoceroses. It made me even more pumped to save up for my upcoming African trip!



Welcome to my aqua playground.

Having the beach practically as my backyard with azure vistas promising endless picture-perfect moments is the best part about living here in Western Australia. Craving to soak up the atmosphere filled with sun, surf and sand, I quickly pulled a fluorescent mullet dress from Ally over a pair of leopard stockings and Steve Madden Troopa boots, and skipped out of the door to take a mid day coastal stroll.