Makin' It BIG!

(Fiasco Sept/Oct 2010)
Model: Natt Mitrovic Photographer: Pino Gomes Stylist: Patrick Hausermann

Big hair. Big sunnies. Big skirt.

... and always BIG in styling!

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Ahead of the Game

(Telegraph Magazine August 2010)
Model: Jacquelyn Jablonski Photographer: Catherine Servel

It's simply amazing how only a few different twists here and there in one's outfit styling can give a major uplift to the ensemble as a whole. Be playful with your headwear this time around, and just see how many heads will turn back right towards you.. in a positive way we hope!

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Long Story

(Numéro #117 October 2010)
Model: Edita Vilkeviciute Photographer: Camilla Åkrans Stylist: Franck Benhamou

Currently lusting over floor-sweeping body-draping dresses and jumpsuits!

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Dark & Dashing

(Vogue Paris September 2010)
Model: Freja Beha Erichsen Photographer: Mikael Jansson Stylist: Anastasia Barbieri

Dark dressing in sexy silhouettes...

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Wild Thing

(Grazia Sept 2010)
Model: Ester Apelskog | Photographer: Richard Bernardin | Stylist: Alexandra Bernard

Feeling especially in touch with nature today? Spoil yourself wild with faunal textures and patterns...

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Dark Memories

(Dossier Journal)
Photographer: Kah Poon Model: Ana Leticia Frediani Stylist: Joshua Williams

Net stockings and top of head buns.

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After Party!

As if we were not already mega hyped from UP! The Finale fashion showcase part of Perth Fashion Festival, the after party next door in Fashion Paramount brought tremendous more laughters, enough to last through the rest of the week as the post-show glee slowly began to die down... Scrumptious apple martini in one hand and consistently unfailing dslr in the other, the clan and I glided through the night, snapping away sense-worthy style shots and mingling within the presence of mighty fun new friends...

XOXO from Australia,
Farrah @ Distrikmode

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Urban Vixen

(Dress to Kill Magazine Fall 2010)
Model: Amanda Laine | Photographer: Max Abadian | Stylist: Cary Tauben

The ultimate coat and attitude.

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Unordinary Days

(Quality Magazine Sept 2010)

Model: Katrin Thormann | Photographer: Karel Kuehne | Stylist: Jane Garber

We thrive on the unordinary in our ordinary lives... especially when it comes to our easy and comfortable daily dressing...

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The Unexpected

( Harper’s Bazaar Spain September 2010)

Model: Suzi Bird Photographer: Chloe Crespi Stylist: Guillaume Boulez

Next time you head out to a party, add a twist to your ensemble -- slip on a unique patterned stockings, contrast the colors of your accessories, or incorporate faux fur in the most unexpected spots... you might just get a few heads twisted back positively towards you!

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(Fashion Tale Fall 2010)

Model: Mona Johannesson Photographer: Jimmy Backius Stylist: Hanna Holmgren

Incorporating the modern day cowgirl look into our closet is never easier with the simple, laidback gathering of lightweight, summer dresses with relaxed accessories, topped with tough leather boots. Disagree if you must, but color matching plays no high significance in this case... all you need is that unspoken confidence...

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(Tush Magazine)

Model: Ashley Smith Photographer: Anne Combaz Art direction: Seb Bascle Fashion editor: Laurent Dombrowicz

Hooked on leather -- the emblem of rebellion and freedom.

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Party Parade

(Harper’s Bazaar Spain September 2010)

Model: Suzi Bird Photographer: Chloe Crespi, model Suzie Bird Stylist: Guillaume Boulez

Parties are great occasions to break the norm and dress up a character different from your usual self. Whether you're conveying sophistication or simplicity, the night is a stage all yours to play on.

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Desert Dressing

Anja Rubik by Camilla Akrans for H&M Magazine Fall 2010

Model: Anja Rubik Photographer: Camilla Akrans Fashion editor: Jane How

Loose fitting, earthy-toned pieces to match the natural earthy flavors of the fall season... when showing a bit of skin is not entirely a sin...

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Buckled Up

(Allure September 2010)

Model Chanel Iman Photographer: Thomas Schenk Stylist: Siobhan Bonnouvrier

Emanating masculine vibes throughout Fall...

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Rebellious Streak

(Darla Baker by Joseph D’Arco for StyleCaster)

It's time to think about party dresses again...

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