Rockin' Candyland

Vintage long blazer | Mango clutch | Guess belt | DIY chain slave bracelet | Calvin Klein boots

Who ever said pastels are only for the dainty and demure? DISTRIKMODE took a risk and mixed "rocker chic" dark hues with candy-colored pieces, resulting in the assembly of a soft yellow blazer (worn as a dress) with a quilted blue clutch, garnished with black belt, bracelet, and boots. Add anything leather to your sweet ensemble if you must, but we feel the trick lies in limiting to only few edgy embellishments to maximize the effect of your sugary pastel pieces.

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Reliable Shades...

...of black, gray, and cream in the form of a long sleeved mesh top, chain necklaces used as arm ornament, tiered ruffle dress worn as a skirt, bullet wristband, lace-up ankle peep-toe boots, and vintage Chanel purse.

Talk about hassle-free fallback outfit!

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Sources: Vogue UK April 2010, Mango ss10 lookbook

Creative cut-outs
Soft bow belts worn over plaid
Floral one-shoulder dresses with sky-high wedges
Loose, off-shoulder kimono tops
Twists and folds

PS: Thank you Tongue in Chic and But the Why? But the Who? for the awesome features!

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Late Afternoon Light

Photographed by Fatin Nabila

So for those who have been following DISTRIKMODE on Twitter (if you haven't, click here to stay updated on our happenings!) you already know that Farrah recently modeled for local PJCAD student designer Kaicing Tay for a styling project. The adventure took place at PalatePalette Restaurant & Bar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The final product will be posted in the near future. In the meantime please enjoy these behind-the-scene shots!

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Here are some behind the scene shots from our recent merchandise editorial shoot. Not an inch of the process was completed without hard work, but we still had loads of fun deciding, planning, coordinating, styling, editing, and even bickering! The photographs turned out well beyond our expectations (thank you RawketVista) and overall it was an experience worthy of our time. We'd also like to thank Stymylo Boutique for sponsoring the awesome Just Cavalli clutch.

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The Temptress

DISTRIKMODE blazer | Just Cavalli purse from StyMylo Boutique | Calvin Klein boots

Temptation. The very word can be as titillating as the concept itself. Everywhere, everyone can't seem to resist. That extra little morsel, drop, bite, and moment of the one indulgent thing that is so good it's bad. For those of us who happen to be slaves to (and masters of) fashion either in the glossy mags, the store window mannequins, and most recently the world wide web, temptation is everywhere. DISTRIKMODE found this piece and it screamed, "I know you want me!". In an orchestra of the military and enhanced shoulder trends, The Temptress cropped spring jacket is, as with anything approved by us, a force to be reckoned with. Wear it with a baby-doll dress that billows out or with skin-tight jeans and killer heels -- either way, who wouldn't want to own temptation?


Photography: RAWKETVISTA | Art Direction: DISTRIKMODE

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The Classicist

Boutique dress worn as top | DISTRIKMODE skirt | Bakers wedges

So what happens when that impending annual office party comes closer and closer to the deadline? What can you possibly wear to a 'party' where everyone who is everyone important in the corporate chain ladder will make an appearance. You've got to be young, but not too young, you've got to look mature but not too aged either. The idea really is to look fresh and well, in the know about the latest trends. Here DISTRIKMODE offers you a classic combination that will accentuate and compliment any body shape. The off-white cream bandage pencil skirt is combined with a deep navy blue one-shoulder ruched dress, worn as a top. Two classic colors. Two leading runway trends. One night of glamourous schmoozing.


Photography: RAWKETVISTA | Art Direction: DISTRIKMODE

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The Romantic

Vintage lace top | DISTRIKMODE skirt | ZARA heels | Vintage clutch

Ever since he asked her whether she'd be going to the party, two thoughts have failed to escape her mind. One: all the wondrous things that could transpire during that lakeside affair. Two: what. will. she. wear. After burrowing her eyes through pages and pages of "What to Wear on a Date" and variations thereof, she found the outfit that would perfectly reflect a potentially magical night. Balance was the key. Showing not too much but enough to make her feel attractive, with a shape that accentuates or even enhances her assets. More importantly, the outfit needed to stand for her own sense of style. Yes, she did take it that seriously. A black lace top that let her skin peak through, while the heart-shaped bra setting perfectly on her chest. And then came The Romantic. A soft grey skirt brought to life by the intricately pleated sides and curvaceous shape. That evening she radiated confidence and allure. As she walked by the water, she saw him in the distance. Holding a glass of wine, she sashayed her way over to him with The Romantic moving along seamlessly with her. She couldn't have asked for anything better.


Photography: RAWKETVISTA | Art Direction: DISTRIKMODE

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The Artist

DISTRIKMODE blazer vest | Boutique blouse and skirt | MICHAEL KORS heels

Work-life balance. Seemed quite unachievable for her lately. Boxed in the office for three weeks straight doesn't exactly do wonders for the soul, so she was determined to get some infusion of art -- her long lost love. Stepping out of the office hand in hand with her girlfriends, a rush of wind swept across her as if renewing life back again into her tired state. Finally. Tonight's agenda: No conference calls, no late-night office dinners. One of the city's most exciting up and coming artists was opening his second collection and her mind, body and soul was going to breathe in some well-needed masterpieces. After a quick jog and shower at the gym, she shed her office look and donned her most recent acquisition. The black blazer vest was itself a work of art. Its high collar created an arch that would perfectly structure any woman's shoulders. The wide draped lapels touched the ends of her tulle skirt, elongating her frame further. Whether completely wrapped to show off her waist or left loose and open, the coat-tail added structure and masculinity to the otherwise ultra-feminine look. The opening was set on the highest floor of the gallery. A few hours of wine sipping and art viewing later, she stumbled on a flight of stairs. Walking up, her eyes widened as the most serene view came upon her. She stood there, in her solitude, taking it all in.


Photography: RawketVista | Art Direction: DISTRIKMODE

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