The One

Nothing better to amp up a sexy date night with unforgettable scent and irresistable height. So here I am, with Dolce and Gabbana The One perfume and Steve Madden wedges! See you later darlings... don't wait up ;)



Almost fell off the chair when I saw this suede insanity among other gawk-worthy new arrivals at Aldo Shoes! Its uber loud red hue, the handsomely polished buckles, the minute yet compelling metal tip and lower heel. These ankle boots would turn heads for sure! There's absolutely nothing ordinary about it and that's just exactly how I like it.



Sis and her crazy buds decided to take the term "til death do us part" to a freakier level and deliberately staged a zombie wedding in their backyard. Opting for somber, death-like mood, they dressed as mindless cannibalistic bride, groom and bridesmaid corpses in clothes bought from thrift shops (stained with fake blood) and created hideous wounds on their faces and hands with halloween makeups.

Now... I only wonder if they had eyeball cake pops and mushy brain juice to snack on in between shoots!


Alpha Models End of Year Fashion Party

Mind-blowing creations at the Alpha Models End of Year Fashion Show, featuring several local designers including Jonte, Cebiche, Wandering Girl, and Siss On Bare. Definitely couldn't say no to the hooded swimwear, bold prints, neon flare, leather works and chain accents!


By The Pool

At the Alpha Models End of Year Fashion Show held at uber breath-taking Mindarie Marina Resort. With Qais, Angie and Andre... having a blast!


Southbound Getaway

Road trip down south to Busselton and Mandurah for the day! I had such a brilliant time escaping Perth city to enjoy the countryside, seemingly endless wineries and fruit farms, longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere (2km out to sea from Busselton town!), amazing food at Spur restaurant in Mandurah, Sunday markets, and most of all... phenomenal time with loved ones. End of the year is just around the corner and I've got many travel plans up my sleeve. Seriously can't wait for other fabulous getaways just like this one!


Betty Tran Flagship Store Opening

Photo #2 by Fashion Spoon. Other images by Distrikmode.

At the Betty Tran Perth store opening party, where I strutted around with extra height thanks to last minute African style inspired headwrap and Steve Madden platform boots, to match painterly print Zara chiffon dress that was carelessly thrown over basic fitted tee and leggings. Must I say, I was left awestruck with Betty's latest collection that decorously centers around bold colours, asymmetric cuts and exquisite prints...

... and that uber wicked bold blue skirt?? Has my name splattered all over it.


Panther + Pink

Easily transitioning from spring to summer with this simple yet edgy layering ensemble: Ladakh leather pants, Pretty Dress frock as a vest top, Freedom leather vest, bronze accessories from Lovisa, Steve Madden platform ankle boots and vintage silk Chanel scarf. Seriously couldn't be happier with this getup before heading out to meet and greet my new clients today!


Thrilling Adventures

Drove 2.5 hours north of Perth to escape the mundane for a day. Definitely enjoyed the weird and eerie limestone pillars at Pinnacles Dessert in Nambung National Park and mega adrenalin-pumping board session down the massive white sand dunes in Lancelin, the biggest in Western Australia. All while wearing Junk Clothing Cat Claw leopard-printed leggings + Betts Shoes military boots -- ultimate getup combination for a day filled with rough adventures.