Parka Perks

This chilly winter-like weather had me glazing over cool jackets and stylish parkas on the net, with a cup of soul-soothing honey lemon green tea in hands... and that's when I found Canada Goose. As I browse along its entensive range of quality parkas and heaps of other winter accessories, none except one thought came to mind:

Who would've thought that a piece of clothing invented out of necessity by the Caribou Inuit in the Canadian Artic would now be a huge hit among the masses? 


Vantage Point

Our full day spent at Rottnest Island was nothing short of magnificent! My mates and I cycled around to explore and discover the most sublime vantage points, captured shots of pristine bays and beaches (image above was shot at Parker Point), and snorkelled in crystal clear water. It was definitely an escape we undoubtedly needed. If you're planning a trip to the amazing Rotto soon, make sure you bring your bathers, camera, lots of sunscreen lotion, fishing and snorkeling gears, contact lens cases (don't make the same mistake our friend did of losing her second eyes), and most important of all... heaps of laughter!



Nothing like the limited edition KISS ice creams to chill our tongues off on this hot hot summer day in Australia! Can't get enough of these refreshing frozen thunderbolts blocks that consist of juicy lemonade, raspberry and cola combo. We won't be throwing away those wrappers either, just in case... because apparently a wrapper from 1980 was recently sold on ebay for over $250 and a wrapper from the 1960s Beatles ice cream was sold for $750 US! Madness.


Live Stream: Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2013 Womenswear Show

Camel tones and leopard prints.

Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Autumn Winter 2013 Runway Show LIVE from London!

Once again DISTRIKMODE is selected as one of the major global fashion websites taking part in live streaming the Burberry fashion show from London! Lets watch together, and if you see something you fancy from the show you can beat the rest of the fashion pack by getting your pieces well ahead at Burberry before the full collection is made available to public.


At the Laneway night markets during Fringe World Festival. Strutted around with sis, browsing a plethora of unique vintage and handmade items for sale and decided to make a photo pit stop when we came across this super vibrant graffitified wall -- the perfect backdrop to contrast the darker tones I was exhibiting: a bYSI asymmteric skirt over red leopard leggings by Junk Clothing, studded fringed bag from Dangerfield, and gold triangle earrings from Lovisa!