In Addition

Just realized I haven't really posted full shots of what my friends and I wore to the Topshop Dress Up Collection Preview Party I talked about here so hope you enjoy these.. with the mirror shot obviously taken by me and the one on the left by Topshop Malaysia crew. Simply to reiterate, I had on a vintage leopard dress and purse, an Escada blazer, and the Betts clog boots that I'm practically glued to these days... as you can tell by my recent posts here, here, and here!


Metal Daze

MAJOR hair crush.


Peaches and Cream

Mixing old and new bits that are perfectly muted in colour:

Topshop mock croc vanity case. Bobby Brown limited edition Day to Night Cool eye pallette. MAC powder blush in Peaches. Zara gold heels. Steve Madden petal clogs.


Not Halloween

Who else do you know paint themselves green and have eyeballs in their drinks on a daily basis for no specific reason other than purely to be themselves? Well meet my sister Nabila and my cousin Areesya -- two of the most inspiring people in my life -- whose youthfulness and imaginative minds are beyond thrilling, highly contagious, and effortlessly epitomize edgy brilliance.


Glass Half Full

OK now I realize this Malaysian vacation is way too long (seven weeks... what was I thinking?!). It is only week 3 and I'm already terribly missing Perth! I miss:

1. Continuously cruising with my buddies, with the screens down and the music loud -- To the beach, through random tunnels at night, to the markets, and especially through the breathtaking Riverside Drive! Basically the usual let-the-wind-catch-our-hair-while-we-smile-gleefully-and-enjoy-the-simplest-things-in-life kind of cruises. Here in Malaysia I can't cruise -- It is always way too hot and humid or too rainy (can't roll the windows down for some breeze because I'll either get sweaty or get wet instead). Well... maybe what I'm trying to say actually is that I miss my buddies... Period.

2. Spontaneous sleepovers at city hotels -- amazing views, amazing services, amazing everything. Enough said.

3. Visiting community fairs and markets -- for random finds, fresh vegetables and fruits, vintage buys and simply great conversations with the sellers themselves. Because of its size it's easy for Perth to hold community events and gatherings where a lot of people show up to meet and connect whereas Kuala Lumpur has become so big and busy (and always filled with tourists) that it's harder to get residents to spare some time on socialization. Seriously, the crazy traffic alone is a huge turn-off.

Needless to say, as much as I can't wait to get back to Perth I have to see the glass as half full and enjoy Malaysia to the fullest (which at the moment correlates most to shopping). Might as well take advantage of this heat before I get back to cold wintery Perth, ay?


Tough Love

Vintage crocodile skin purse which age is older that I am. Metal fringe necklace bought from Portmans last year that has since gradually changed colour to looking more old and rustic... and deepened my love for it. Pyramid stone necklace, faux croc skin embossed bangle and the usual gold rings; all from either Lovisa or the flea markets. Vintage gold chain that I had taken off an old clutch and have since been taking full advantage of its versatility to accessorize my neck, my wrist, and even my waist. Vintage crocodile skin watch decorated with a gold chain and diamond accents; an antique piece from Italy that has survived more natural disasters and deadly predicaments than I have.


Yellow Fever

Found this vintage silk baby while rummaging through mum's antique trunk filled with clothing and accessories from way back in the day and I couldn't be happier! Although I'm normally one to shy away from super bright colours, this radiant Escada shirt was totally calling my name and I immediately saw myself using it as a cardigan over an all black getup consisted of Soprano tank top with asymmetrical hemline (hands down the most comfortable top that has ever touched my skin), snakeskin printed leggings, my ever trustworthy Calvin Klein boots, and a bucket bag from my recent flea market trip. Best thing about this silky shirt if I must say is as soon as I drape it on it magically takes me back to my trip to Hawaii ages ago and all the sweet memories that come with it!


Skin Deep

Faux croc skin buckle wedges from Vincci

I can never get enough of leather made of crocodile skin whether it's real, faux, or vintage. I can have them on anything really -- on shoes, on purses, on jackets, on bangles, on laptops -- you name it, I love it. Solid validation that banning the use of crocodile skin in many parts of the world doesn't make this leather any less alluring and appealing to my eyes.


Dirt and Dust

Temt dress. Freedom faux leather vest. Betts boots. Mixed accessories.

Passed by a new housing development area on the way back home from brunch yesterday and got fascinated with all the mess within the construction vicinity so without hesitation I took the chance to get close and personal with the tractors, the cement mixers, random bricks and wires, and metal barrels!


Clutching On

Draped myself with a vintage Escada blazer over another vintage leopard dress garnished with a mix of accessories from Lovisa and other favourite go-to jewelry shops in Perth and vintage crocodile skin mini purse while Cynthia decked herself with a simple black dress to highlight a compelling team of faux fur clutch and edgy rustic accompaniments.


En Route

Market top. Forever 21 crystalline necklace. DIY chain bracelet. Zara bag. Mango cat-eye sunnies. Calvin Klein boots.

More decent shots of yesterday's adventure.

Passed through a random deserted highway while driving aimlessly with no plans or specific destination in mind whatsoever on a lazy Saturday and decided to capture the beautiful setting sun... days like these are simply best left open and free.


Mess Around

Market top. Mango retro-style cat-eye sunnies in leopard. Mixed accessories.

Officially indecisive on what to do to my hair for a change although my mind kept toying around few heterodox ideas of late...


Topshop Dress Up Preview Party

At the mega fun Topshop Dress Up collection preview in Suria KLCC yesterday evening (Thank you Jessica for the invitation!), where I showed up in a team of vintage leopard dress and purse, Escada blazer, Betts Chelsea clog boots, and mixed accessories.

Ranging from bold and edgy to romantic and frilly, the statement-making party dresses in the new Topshop collection could easily catch the eye and heart of any style-conscious soul. Out of the many dresses showcased I especially fell head over heels with the stud and sheer detailing of the black bandage dress snapped above -- could totally see myself contrasting the shortness and snugness of the dress with a grey calf-length maxi cardigan I own that has yet to make an appearance on this site and a pair of my platform boots to create a heavenly look like this... just in time for winter in Perth.

The Dress Up collection launches TODAY ladies and lads -- so go grab a dress (or two) and get your party on!



It's the little details that matter.


Carpe Diem

Sportsgirl ring. Vintage Tag Heuer watch. Thrifted studded leather wristband.

Weekend of beautiful beaches and scrumptious pizzas - shortest way to heaven!

PS: Happy Moms Day to all the mamas around the world. I myself have two, so I'm doubly blessed!


Studded | Spotted

Studded. Spotted. Or both!


10th Floor

All black everything.

At the uber luxurious Rydges Hotel in the heart of Perth city, ready to check out... after the most amazing weekend ever, getting 'kidnapped' and being treated like a queen!

While I'm still high on excitement over the unforgettable weekend I'm already occupied with getting organized for another adventure... catching a flight to Malaysia in a few hours so I'm busy packing, packing, packing!