Maurie and Eve

The more I go over the pieces from the Maurie and Eve ss09 collection, the more rapid my heart beats. Sigh... Ingenious designs just astound me.


Meet me in the bathroom...


Wowwieee Werbowy

One of my adored pictures of the stylish Daria Werbowy.


The Big Bang

(bf's wife beater, Almost Famous shorts, Nose shoes, vintage Chanel purse, accessories bought in Malaysia)

Had a lazy Sunday today: Woke up at 2pm, got some food to go, ate at the park, walk around a lil bit, and headed back home to chill with my kitten + tv for the rest of the night…


Stockholm Feet Style

My heart wants to be in Stockholm just so that my feet can feel at home.


Rufflin' it up

I wish fall is here so I can strut around with this newly bought ruffle scarf...


MJ: Grazia's Tribute

Amazing Michael Jackson tribute by Grazia. Photos via Deeelightful