The Fuse

(Twin #2)
Model: Christina Kruse Photographer: Paul Wetherell Stylist: Celestine Cooney

A tough look with rough boots and rugged attitude, sweetened with a hint of velvet luxury and satin softness: the ultimate combination to today's contemporary dressing.

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(Harper’s Bazaar Spain September 2010)
Model: Suzie Bird Photographer: Chloe Crespi Stylist: Guillaume Boulez

Add a glow of glamour to a mediocre day or night with a touch of sequin sophistication. Let the one shimmery piece be the highlight of the moment as you either solely feature it while keeping the rest of the party simple in solid colors and textures, or take the glam all the way with a dazzling sequin display from top to bottom.

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Back in Black

(Malibu Magazine)
Model: Michelle Alves Photographer: Cameron Krone styled by Giannie Coujiis

No matter how many black pieces you have, there's always room for one more...

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(Prim Magazine)
Model: Dioni Tabbers Photographer: Masayuki Ichinose Stylist: Kumiko Yashiro

The vertex of styling for the modern era: Monochromatic array of distinctive textures.

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Artful Edition

(Harper's Bazaar September 2010)

These looks are all about personality and attitude. Those adventurous enough to don these ensembles are ones that are always looking for that perfect fusion of style and wearability. Mixing artful elegance and casual cool, these pieces will surely turn a head or two, at the very least.

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Riviera Noir

(Marie Claire Italia August 2010)
Model: Alana Zimmer Photographer: Txema Yeste Stylist: Belen Casadevall

Brilliant styling, and we can't stop admiring the beautiful hat...

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Jazzed Up!

Rapsodia SS10

If you don't have the time (or don't really care) to don additional accessories when styling, picking out pieces that are already cleverly embellished is a smart and simple alternative way to instantly pump up the x-factor of your outfit!

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Lazy Days

Photographer: Nicole Hill Models: Barbora Vesela & Marion Sealy

Oh summer... we're already missing you! The adventures... the lazy days... the freedom!

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Bohemian Glow

(Photography by Dan Martensen)

Soft, billowy ankle-length dresses are perfect for transitional wear, as we bid summer goodbye and welcome autumn, the appropriate season to celebrate our inner bohemian spirit! Wear them with minimal jewelry, but heighten the sense of mystery and charm with art-inspiring prints or rich-hued accessories like suede, leather, or velvet, and you'd be sure to glow!

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In Isolation

Day Birger et Mikkelsen Fall 2010 Campaign
Model: Missy Rayder Photographer: Ditte Isager

Playing with down-to-earth colors and layering knits of various lengths.

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Make or Break!

Do you dress to express? We find true self-expression via fashion lies in the form of accessory exhibition. And like any other exhibition, the art of accessorizing takes time and effort. It's one thing to simply put on a watch or don pair of Louboutins, but accessory styling is another whole level of art. This is one step in dressing that appears to be so miniscule, yet has the biggest impact on reflecting a person's personality. It is also the step that could instantly make or break an outfit ensemble!

Currently for us, expressing through styling is all about breaking the norm: layering necklaces of contrasting lengths and shapes, mixing mis-matched "finger frostings" (we adore stacking cocktail rings with engagement rings!), and displaying handbags & headbands of masculine textures.

Your body is a blank gallery with a huge personality eager to burst through -- why not let accessory exposition be the medium in allowing it to do so?

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Modern Seduction

(Blanco Fall 2010 Campaign)

Exploring the more sensual side of dressing with the incorporation of satin and lace, with merely a hint of masculinity in the form of a leather belt, big ring, and studded gloves.

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Vogue Italia August 2010

Rebelious edge + modern glamour.

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Glossy Gravel

(Elle Indonesia August 2010)

Models: Dara Warganegara and Widika Sidmore Photographer: Jacky Suharto Stylist: Yoland Handoko and Nasti Ardhyan

Looking for a distinctive mix of shades for Fall? Try combining luxurious jewel tones with earthy hues --the medley of glamour sheen and laid-back neutrals will surely put a new spin to your glam pallette this season!

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Savoir Vivre

(Harper’s Bazaar UK September 2010)
Model: Naty Chabenko Photographer: Serge Leblon Stylist: Mattias Karlsson

Making retro sophistication work for this modern world by coordinating old-fashion blazers with pops of color.

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Tall, Dark, and Haute

(Numero #115 August 2010)
Model: Emily Didonato | Photographer: Anthony Maule

Specially for those who need to escape to their dark side from time to time...

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Casual Cool

(Burberry Blue Label Fall 2010)

Two different ideas of outerwear for this season. Which one is more "you"?

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Autumn Muse

(Etam Fall 2010)

The mix of earthy tones and up-to-date prints sets the perfect momentum for effortless autumn dressing.

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