Walking Tall

Ever since I acquired my chunky Steve Madden Sachii wedges I've been obsessing over strutting at this taller level in all kinds of footwear so you can only imagine how psyched I was to see that Asos has launched their shoe sale early! I'm currently eyeing these delectable treats (from left to right, top to bottom):

Asos Hop Scotch Leather Wedges with Buckles $170.05 $85.03
Messeca Kelly Platform Sandal $289.08 $173.45
Senso Narcisco Wedge Ankle Boot $212.56 $149.64
Sam Edelman Kellan Leather Lace-Up Wedges With Cut-Out $340.10 $217.66
Messeca Carlie Metallic Wedge Sandals $306.09 $214.26
Asos Vibe Flatforms With Two Tone Effect $85.03 $42.51
Surface to Air Echo Platform Wedge Sandals $476.14 $285.68
Asos Highlight Wedges with Colour Block $93.53 $45.91

Hope you're enjoying this sale shopping as much as I am!