Perth Fashion Blogger Meet Up

What do you get when you gather nineteen talented ladies who are stylish in their own unique way, a plethora of nicknacks spread across multiple colourful picnic mats, and one beautiful venue on top of a hill overlooking the riverside city? ONE HELL OF A FABULOUS EVENING that is! Memories from the Perth Fashion Blogger Meet Up held on Sunday:

1. Laughter and joy between Abby, Chow, Alexis, and Laura. Wonder what was tickling their fancy?
2. The delightful duo who organized the event: Jessie and Jacqui (Mega thanks!)
3. Faux foxtail clung onto a bag... or on anything for that matter.
4. Eye candy for the snack hungry
5. With Kaye and Bec. Such an honor to meet and hang out with these amazing ladies!
6. Deep in conversation, undivided in attention.
7. Solitary amidst the vibrant scene
8. Dots. Leopard. Floral.
9. The much wiser brother of the infamous fanny pack
10. Super chic floral hair garland on Kim
11. Suze and Jacqui rockin' soft, fuss-free pastels!

PS: Too many shots to fit this tiny space, so remaining photos from the event are on Facebook. I know you can barely wait to have a look... so go on already!