STYLO 2010: Structure vs. Flow

Left to right: Cropped top by Dennis Lee; Designer Kavita Sidhu in her own creation; Transparent nightgown by Eve; Silver structured dress by Key Ng; Accented shoulder jacket by Hatta Dolmat

Left to right, top to bottom: Abstract dress by Jasmi Rejab; Romper by Khoon Hooi; Transparent tunic by Kavita Sidhu; Fringe dress by Aidawati Saidin

After witnessing a myriad of amazing creations on the STYLO runway this year, we conclude that the overall fabric constructions this round can be pigeon holed into two main categories -- if it is not heavily structured, the material delicately flows like no other. Either way, DISTRIKMODE agrees with both: We fancy the clean-cut, minimal or extravagant, silhouette provided by the structured designs (the instant tuck-in for excess bulges is an added bonus!) and simply adore how the flowy ones allow the wearer to indulge in feeling feminine and beautiful.

Structured vs. flowy -- which is your cup of tea?

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Nedda Ebo said...

I like the Key Ng dress.

Structured vs Flowy is hard, both are so different and good in their own way, I think it sortof depends on what you're going for. I like structured when you're doing something like big shoulder pads, its just fun to look at. Flowy reminds me of soft, serene photoshoot pictures from a magazine. I love both! x

FashionJazz said...

I like both!! Happy Easter hun! xxx