Lets Look At Looklet

Pops of red | High-waisted leather short shorts | Grays and nudes

Mix of shapes and textures | Fishnet done right | Outrageously long necklace

[All images from Looklet]

After trying out various virtual styling tools and applications, we can deduce that Looklet is by far our favorite (for now, since most of these apps are still in beta). We love its high-level realistic effects, compared to Polyvore (the magazine-spread layout seems a bit too flat and boring now that more tools with 3D mannequins have emerged) and Couturious (the models come with only one stance choice, an awkward one at that). There's undoubtedly ample room for Looklet to improve, and we're excited to see more, but so far the Stockholm-based virtual studio has managed to fulfill the styling needs of many creative stylistas around the world. But hey, don't just take our word for it. Go ahead to Looklet.com and try it for yourself. Just be warned though: the application is highly addictive!

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