STYLO 2010: Ahead of the Game

Just when we thought there have been enough oohs and aahs elicited over the headwear trend within this past year (I mean, just think Maison Michel), the creative designers who showcased during STYLO fashion week here in Kuala Lumpur still managed to present a tsunami of fresh headwear ideas, and left us all in marvel. We witnessed an amazing number of impressive headgear creations on the runway, from ones made out of recycled paper plates (bottom left corner) to ones that looked like they simply just appeared from out of this galaxy.

So what are your thoughts about these head pieces: Cool... or quirky? Couture... or just crazy?

And which one(s) would you actually wear on the street?

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rk hall said...

These are FANTASTIC! The bottom left is my favorite - I don't know if it's because it's the most extravagant or because it's recycled material. I'm an environmentalist junkie. lol


Nedda Ebo said...

these are all amazing, what talented designers! I love headpieces so much, I think my favourites are the ones all along the bottom.. I like how the red one on the bottom right corner is just kinda resting on the forehead awkwardly haha. x

Anonymous said...

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