The Artist

DISTRIKMODE blazer vest | Boutique blouse and skirt | MICHAEL KORS heels

Work-life balance. Seemed quite unachievable for her lately. Boxed in the office for three weeks straight doesn't exactly do wonders for the soul, so she was determined to get some infusion of art -- her long lost love. Stepping out of the office hand in hand with her girlfriends, a rush of wind swept across her as if renewing life back again into her tired state. Finally. Tonight's agenda: No conference calls, no late-night office dinners. One of the city's most exciting up and coming artists was opening his second collection and her mind, body and soul was going to breathe in some well-needed masterpieces. After a quick jog and shower at the gym, she shed her office look and donned her most recent acquisition. The black blazer vest was itself a work of art. Its high collar created an arch that would perfectly structure any woman's shoulders. The wide draped lapels touched the ends of her tulle skirt, elongating her frame further. Whether completely wrapped to show off her waist or left loose and open, the coat-tail added structure and masculinity to the otherwise ultra-feminine look. The opening was set on the highest floor of the gallery. A few hours of wine sipping and art viewing later, she stumbled on a flight of stairs. Walking up, her eyes widened as the most serene view came upon her. She stood there, in her solitude, taking it all in.


Photography: RawketVista | Art Direction: DISTRIKMODE

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I am Khatu said...

Wow these are great photos! You look lovely as always.

fashion-psyche said...

Oh my god!! Really beautiful photos!!! You look so lovely!! :D Amazing blouse and skirt! :D

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur pics hun!! Soooo nice to catch up on ur blog and back to regular blogging! Mwah xx

Nubiasnonsense said...

Gorgeous photos, seriously beautiful