The Classicist

Boutique dress worn as top | DISTRIKMODE skirt | Bakers wedges

So what happens when that impending annual office party comes closer and closer to the deadline? What can you possibly wear to a 'party' where everyone who is everyone important in the corporate chain ladder will make an appearance. You've got to be young, but not too young, you've got to look mature but not too aged either. The idea really is to look fresh and well, in the know about the latest trends. Here DISTRIKMODE offers you a classic combination that will accentuate and compliment any body shape. The off-white cream bandage pencil skirt is combined with a deep navy blue one-shoulder ruched dress, worn as a top. Two classic colors. Two leading runway trends. One night of glamourous schmoozing.


Photography: RAWKETVISTA | Art Direction: DISTRIKMODE

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MissKimmy said...

very pretty!

XO Kimmy

Marcella said...

This has such a Lady-Gaga feel to it, I love her btw, so fearless and fierce!

The photography is very well done, especially all the diff angles.

Nedda Ebo said...

bad ass shots. likin the outfit.
love it, very nice! x

katie said...

love the dress