The Expert

ZARA blazer | DISTRIKMODE skirt | MICHAEL KORS heels | Vintage CELINE clutch

"BRrrrrrinnnnG!!" The alarm shrills for what seems like an eternity as she struggles to open her eyes. A wave of realization fills her mind and a jolt of anxiety immediately wakes her up. Shitt!!! Late again! She shrieks in her head. OK OK..what was it that I was supposed to wear??? Still dazed and confused, she tries to put together the planned outfit, or at least from what she remembers, for today's presentation. Rummaging through her pile of clean laundry isn't getting her anywhere and going through her measly-looking drawers doesn't exactly present any dazzling pieces either. Then, as if the fashion heavens shone through the clouds, she remembers this gorgeous thing just hanging in the closet, beckoning her towards it. Ahh.. here it is. The winning ticket -- the Expert skirt. A soft turquoise colour so creamy, you can't believe it's not candy. She takes her infamous 5-minute shower and quickly puts on a crisp white shirt and pulls the skirt up so the waistband sits snugly on her hips. The overlapping accented petals that just about hits the knees gives the skirt's shape a fresh and well thought out look. Nice. She runs out the door, half hopping half trying to put on her killer patent heels, to catch the elevator.


Photography: RAWKETVISTA | Art Direction: DISTRIKMODE

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danmyy said...

LOVE THE PICTURES! How cute is the commentary as well, suits it very very well! if only i loooked that good in approx 10 mins


Christina said...

Amazing shots! Especially the first one.

Blackberry Sherbet

Nedda Ebo said...

Well that's awfully great, given that amount of time ;)
ADORE the colour of that skirt!

Nicole Jarecz said...

Thanks for the really nice comment on my illustrations :)

i love your blog too! Going to follow right away. You're beautiful and have great style!!


Trop Rouge said...

That pastel colored skirt just changes the whole look too from boring to chic and fun.
x love it.