Fiery Days

Past few weeks have been a whirlwind creative journey for me... and it's all just starting! In setting up my DISTRIKSHOP radical retail platform (95% complete!) I've been pulled left and right for product sourcing, photography, styling, editing, website coding, accounting and much more but I'm enjoying the whole process and can't be happier with the progress! There's no other way than to be active and involved in things I'm passionate about so I'm stoked to the bones to finally execute an idea I've been toying around for ages. I aim to create a retail space that connects designers, collectors and sellers worldwide in providing quality, authentic and innovative products that are edgy, wild and nostalgically vintage. All in the mission to beat fashion mediocrity -- naturally reacting to the saturated mass-produced style scenes in surrounding!

So while I continue to slave further behind the scenes of DISTRIKSHOP, here's a lookbook teaser featuring one of my models Mira. She's wearing an amazing web back dress, vintage tribal necklace, one-of-a-kind leather pouch and gothic mary jane platforms -- all of which will be available on DISTRIKSHOP very soon!