Glass Half Full

OK now I realize this Malaysian vacation is way too long (seven weeks... what was I thinking?!). It is only week 3 and I'm already terribly missing Perth! I miss:

1. Continuously cruising with my buddies, with the screens down and the music loud -- To the beach, through random tunnels at night, to the markets, and especially through the breathtaking Riverside Drive! Basically the usual let-the-wind-catch-our-hair-while-we-smile-gleefully-and-enjoy-the-simplest-things-in-life kind of cruises. Here in Malaysia I can't cruise -- It is always way too hot and humid or too rainy (can't roll the windows down for some breeze because I'll either get sweaty or get wet instead). Well... maybe what I'm trying to say actually is that I miss my buddies... Period.

2. Spontaneous sleepovers at city hotels -- amazing views, amazing services, amazing everything. Enough said.

3. Visiting community fairs and markets -- for random finds, fresh vegetables and fruits, vintage buys and simply great conversations with the sellers themselves. Because of its size it's easy for Perth to hold community events and gatherings where a lot of people show up to meet and connect whereas Kuala Lumpur has become so big and busy (and always filled with tourists) that it's harder to get residents to spare some time on socialization. Seriously, the crazy traffic alone is a huge turn-off.

Needless to say, as much as I can't wait to get back to Perth I have to see the glass as half full and enjoy Malaysia to the fullest (which at the moment correlates most to shopping). Might as well take advantage of this heat before I get back to cold wintery Perth, ay?