Touch of Inspiration


Falling sick and feeling a bit uninspired lately (possibly due to the never-ending seesaw weather we have here in America?), I "went" to see what the stylish ladies in Stockholm are up to. I must say, they lifted up my mood a bit, and now I actually feel that my body is worth being donned with something close to jazzy.

YAY for the weekend being just around the corner! :)

Also, I have been obsessing over these Willow babies for about a year now. Too bad that's all I can do and continue doing, unless I stumble across a much less expensive Willow look-a-like... or win a jackpot!



Roz said...

I like the montage of pictures, here are somereally interesting ones there!
And those boots are so gorgeous. :)
Thanks for the nice comment!


Charlie C said...

those babies look bad! bad in a good way :]

Tink in My Closet said...

Yes snaps like that are bound to inspire you! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.

1.My hair was actually styled with a crimper.
2. I would love to swap links with youx

Anonymous said...

Gosh those boots are amazing I wish I had enough legs to wear some like that


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Stockholm style is sooo inspiring ;)

Style Bird said...

Great inspiration.

StyleBrownie said...

i saw these at another site some time ago.. and i was like.. woaw.. would i ever wear that? it looks so cool that i can't carry it off. hahha..

sucks to have short legs. :(

thanks for the inspiring pics dear


Alexandra said...

Very inspiring pictures. Those boots are magnificent! I'd love some in black.

nookie said...

great looks,love the first one

thesydneygirl said...

i <3 those boots!!! x

Ela said...

Ooh those boots are killer!
Happy weekend, hon. Feel better soon!