Red Alert

Versace cape. Distrikmode snakeskin leggings. Vintage Chanel purse. Betts wedges. Mango sunnies. Mixed accessories.

The most precious gems are always found in most unexpected places. Like this 'Red Riding Hood' vintage Versace cape, discovered in the children's department while shopping in London! As soon as I tried it on I immediately fell in love with its loose-fitting flared silhouette and knew I wanted to pair it with my glossy snakeskin leggings to create a more contemporary effect. I've been so into the minimalist futuristic look lately especially after I came across New Mod, one of the trend classes on Ellos, a Sweden-based online department store. If you're into rad styles for beyond reasonable prices as much as I am make sure you check out the site. I'm absolutely lusting over the furry leg warmers under Fantasy Folk and the leather dress in camel tone under Love Story!