No Finer Feeling

[Sponsored by Merino]

This week has been really breezy here in Perth Australia and the past few nights I get to carry out one thing I terribly miss about winter: outfit layering mania! When it comes to rocking my style up when the temperatures are down, the trick simply lies in clever styling and over the years I’ve found myself choosing Merino wool as a personal favourite fabric to play layer with as this particular fine and soft fibre easily blends with other luscious fabrics like cashmere and silk, creating pieces that are not only warm but also visually stimulating!

Being one who deeply believes in brilliant designs and styling executed using conventional materials, I constantly imagine endless ideas for pieces made of Merino wool. Design wise, I wouldn’t mind a creation of an asymmetrical Merino wool maxi dress, a dark Merino cropped cape with leather trimming, or even a pair of stylishly slouchy Merino leg warmers. On the other hand, in styling I easily picture one of my default go-to winter uniforms to include an oversized Merino wool sweater, a leather skirt, fishnet stockings and thigh high military-inspired boots.

That said, I’m happy to announce my support for the ‘Merino. No Finer Feeling™’ campaign! This five-year global fibre education movement aims to inform consumers about the attributes and benefits of Merino wool, making a connection between how it feels to touch and how it makes the wearer feel. This movement also urges wearers to look beyond their garment to further contemplate about the fibre from which it is made, promotes the versatility and quality standard of Merino wool that is natural, biodegradable and renewable, and most importantly, discourage ‘disposable fashion’.