Interview with Stylist Candice Van Haltren

Candice Van Haltren is a professional fashion stylist based in Perth, Australia with vast experience in commercial and personal styling. I feel honored to get to know more about this creative and passionate soul behind CVH STYLING:

Briefly describe your own personal style.
My style always changes, as I'm always getting inspiration from different things. Sometimes its edgy, sometimes classic and polished, sometimes glam.

What is one definite MUST-HAVE item in your closet? And in your fridge?
Jeans – they go with so much. Dark denim is preferable, you can dress them up or down and they can be worn in so many ways (skinny jeans are the most versatile). My fridge always needs to have cheese!! Cheese goes with everything, grilled cheese sandwiches, on top of pasta, home made pizza, omelettes, etc.

Photographer: Luo Qi | Model: One of the top 12 girls from the Para Licious Calender 2011 Search | Stylist: Candice Van Haltren | Makeup Artist: Penny Ngu | Hair Stylist: Maree Giglia

Where do you get your inspirations from?
It's really just a creative thing, I don’t forcefully try and find inspirations in say, magazine. I may see a catalogue or a piece of ribbon and be inspired by it.

Tell us about your most memorable styling project.
The Cebiche swimwear shoot was definitely one of my favourites. I was styling alongside my friend and fellow stylist Karamea and it was very glamorous – set in the most gorgeous house I think I have ever seen! It was the kind of shoot you wish all shoots were like... lots of stunning models, everyone organised and easy to get along with, great positive attitudes and gorgeous swimwear and jewellery.

Photographer: Ben Riches | Models: Holly, Amanda, Jade, Paige & Loren | Styling: Candice Van Haltren & Karamea of DeA Styling | Makeup Artists: Claire Luu & Shelly Meyer of Minx Cosmetics | Hair stylists: Tia & Jo of Cafe Styles Fremantle

CVH Styling - 5 years from now?
Maybe still in Perth, maybe not, I'm going to have a lot of fun seeing where things take me and where I end up. I do love Melbourne and would love to work over there, but I do love so much about Perth, I think it will always be my hometown!

Photographer: Photographer - Luo Qi @ Fashion Heir | Accessory Stylist: Candice Van Haltren