Make or Break!

Do you dress to express? We find true self-expression via fashion lies in the form of accessory exhibition. And like any other exhibition, the art of accessorizing takes time and effort. It's one thing to simply put on a watch or don pair of Louboutins, but accessory styling is another whole level of art. This is one step in dressing that appears to be so miniscule, yet has the biggest impact on reflecting a person's personality. It is also the step that could instantly make or break an outfit ensemble!

Currently for us, expressing through styling is all about breaking the norm: layering necklaces of contrasting lengths and shapes, mixing mis-matched "finger frostings" (we adore stacking cocktail rings with engagement rings!), and displaying handbags & headbands of masculine textures.

Your body is a blank gallery with a huge personality eager to burst through -- why not let accessory exposition be the medium in allowing it to do so?

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Fatty Feliux said...

Those rings are sex.
That last line.. 'your body is a blank gallery'
brilliant analogy!
love your blog