Trouble Sleeping

What is it about these little pieces of stones that can drive a girl up the wall?? Pearls, diamonds, gold,white gold, you name it-- a girl's got to have it. So how many times have you hinted to your one and only about a dainty thing on a piece of string? Can the right kind of jewelry actually put value to a relationship? In some cultures yes, in others no. In some relationships, exchanging gifts is a point of excitement between two lovers, in others, it's a superfluous act. Either way, there's no denying the awe-inspiring effect of a little glimmer catching your eyes.

Feeling a little self-indulgent but still hoping to give back during this Valentine season? The world renown online jeweler Abazias has teamed up with DISTRIKMODE to raise funds for the Haitian earthquake victims. Their tragedy still resonates with us, as there are a lot to be done to shelter, cloth, feed and medicate the survivors. The wonderful Abazias team has kindly donated their timeless diamond cluster stud earrings in white gold, to be gifted to our highest donor. This stunning pair features 14 sparkling round-cut diamonds for a total carat weight of 1/10.

"Sometimes, treated diamonds can have the appearance of a fake diamond, when in fact they are real diamonds but have actually been enhanced" - Abazias

If any of you dear readers are interested, please leave a comment with your name and email after donating via Paypal Donate button below. All of your generous proceeds will go to the United Nation's World Food Programme via Paypal. So open up your heart and lets make a difference, even if marginal.

Note: The highest donor will be contacted through email for the gift shipping information. We will need the full recipient name, shipping address (no PO box), and phone number before the earrings are shipped out.

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Love the makeup!

Christina said...

Gorgeous shots, as usual!

Blackberry Sherbet

Mrs.Zeus said...

Beautiful photos!

cody said...

lovely pics.
nice layout have you on your blog.


fashion-psyche said...

Beautiful photo shoot,you look so fresh and romantic :) fantastic makeup :) and jewellery :)

isabella said...

Amazing pic, loving the eyelashes ;)

Diya said...

you look SO gorgeous in these photos!!!

PS I would love it if you dropped by my new blog!! <3


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gorgeous pics!!!! and lovely blog!!!!

will def come back visit.
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Marla Singer said...

gorgeous photos! wow <3

Couture Carrie said...

Gooooorgeous photos and amazing giveaway, darlings!


Walk The Sand said...

Gorgeous images. Gorgeous star necklace.

danmyy said...

Gorgeous photos, Farrah! And Abyan you look beautiful! Loving your blog :D


Devon said...

Stunnings photos! Great blog too. x

DiamondsandTulle said...

Hi! New to your blog and your pics are beautiful! Can't deny I love diamonds and baubles!


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Nice photos : )

Great blog! I'm a new follower : )

Please check out my blog as well when you get a chance.

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Gorgeous pictures!!! Hope u are having a fab wknd! xx

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loving these pics xxxx

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Cool pics!


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you're beautiful!

Faridah said...

Gorgeouuuuus photos. You're stunning!

Farah. said...

Hi Farah! do you remember me?? Farah from paris :)

your blog is still cool with georgous photographs!

take care girl

Pennerad said...

i love rumpled white sheets. pretty weird, huh?