A close friend has asked for some Distrikmode-inspired office wear. Here we go, the important questions answered:

1. Why Office Glam?

Whether it's working in a fashion magazine or an accounting firm, there is every reason to don the latest trends. Catwalking down the office hallway may not exactly be your runway debut, but being impeccably styled during those "drab" 9-5 hours will not only get you noticed, but also keep you feeling motivated and confident, all to your advantage. After all, what's more fierce than a glam-clad lady who can crunch numbers?

2. How Office Glam?

a. Dress for Success

Lately it has all been about VOLUME, draping, layers and jewel tones that pop. For those craving to get a few squeals and raised eye-brows, opt for a statement dress that is all of the above. Pair it with a crisp clean cream blazer, solid black stockings, and black pumps that run a mile high.

b. Walk the Talk

If there is one staple that will peg you as the ultra chic colleague, it is the rocker ankle boots. Pair these gifts from heaven with a luxe, cobalt blue satin pencil skirt, and bright yellow satin top. Unless you're working on an oil rig or six months pregnant, there is no excuse to not wear killer heels while in the office. Plus, you've always got the few minutes in the elevator or bathroom to switch from flats...

c. No-Sweat Suit

Taking on the new year with a new take on this classic office wear. Button up that white cotton shirt, lose those pants that are either too long or just about hit your ankles in an awkward way, and strut to the office pantry with a straight-fit black cotton satin pants, sleeked-back hair, and a blazer that speaks for itself. Let's not forget that pop of colour coming from the deep purple suede sandals.

d. Running a Blaze.

What's more important than the goodies at the office pantry? A blazer that will transform any old thing to become runway-ready. A statement blazer with low neckline screams for attention as it shows you to be the serious team player.

e. The Last Bits.

Remember: it's not WHO you're wearing, its HOW. If a garment looks and feels investment-worthy, what else is there to question?

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Dith said...

something's wrong with ur feed. it no longer updates on blog rolls.

Dith said...

@ Farrah, tried that already, still didn't work

5thandsweet said...

Very cute office ideas!


love the last collage, blazers are hot

Erica said...

great jackets!