Rebel Rouser

Call it evolution, call it devolution, Distrikmode is taking arms to join the pant-less revolution. Inspired by the 80s love for all things spandex-glam and the Spring/Summer 2010 runway looks, this look compels you to liberate yourselves from the pant-doning mainstream and embrace the soon-to-be pantless norm. Heavy on top, light and bare on the bottom -- a deadly combination?

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JustNorman said...

WOW that's bold. if this is what's comin for spring then i cant wait to see the hotties rockin it. way to go.

the blog that no one knows about.

Anonymous said...


Friend in Fashion said...

agree - AMAZING!


KEW said...

love it.i especially like the last picture!




Darling Nikky said...

i hate that everyone used the word i wanted to use "amazing"
Abyan looks astonishing!
Skin tone is flawless!
Farrah go take our 09 survey when u get a chance! spankyouuuuu!

Phyllis said...

hott - you look great!!

HeatherClark said...

yes!! i fully support the no pants revolution and you have the thighs to pull it off lucky

great outfit besides the obvious pantsless fabulousness love the stacked bracelets

Annachiara said...

wow...wooonderfull pictures darling!!!looove the outfit...loove the necklaces...love the hair and the make-up...love everything!!!YOU'RE WOOOONDERFULL :D

fashiiondiaries said...

defently a deadly combenation! you look great!

Suzanne said...

oh love the blazer and accesoirees!

Carol said...

Amazing pics!!!
You´re so pretty!

A and A said...

You told us "we've" done it again... and we say ditto lovely, ditto.
These photos are absolutely genius. Gorgeous. Stunning. I have been admiring for almost too long, ha. Incredible styling, the photographs are exquisite and you my dear are a sight.
I want it all, head to toe... inappropriate for a friday of errands?
your blog is one of our top favorite places to come and stay. Keep doin it.

xx refusestolabel.blogspot.com

clouds of tulle said...


♥B said...

I love the bottoms and your make up definitely completes your look!


stilettostetico said...

OOoooh YES Frankly What a Deadly combination, highly made to serve the cause of "BOMBnextDoor-esque GLAM" . . . which is delightfully mischievous on the first one picture !!!!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

stilettolover91 said...

Very sexy!!! I love what you're wearing!!


FashionHippieLoves said...

omg you look so gorgeous!!!
Really love your make-up!!!


fashion-psyche said...

Wow!! You look so beautiful!! Great photos! I love your outfit especially jacket and jewellery :)

fhen said...

these are gorgeous! love all the photos

Mis trapitos favoritos said...

Great! A perfect look for a party, but it's too cold in Spain to wear that!

Love your bracelets.


tina_mbc said...

Mindblowing outfit and great photography!


Anonymous said...

great pictures, i will follow you !

raquel said...

Thanks for your comment!! I love your blog, so I follow u too! xx

A and A said...

ok, must tell you, one of our very favorites, that we are having a giveaway and you should come check it out.


MizzJ said...

Wow you look gorgeous!! So bad-ass, I want this entire outfit. I have only one question though, could you really wear this at any time when the sun is up, and anywhere outside of a night club??

FashionJazz said...

Wow, wow!sO CHIC!! I LUV everything about this look!! Hope u have a good christmas xx

Clara said...

i loved.
you're so HOT!

Paige said...

I have passed an award to you and your blog because it is so amazing, I love it! :) Take a look at my blog to see it. <3


betz said...

wow! how fierce!


Anonymous said...

Amazing girl! love the whole outfit, and you look hot!

Christin said...

hey! amazing pictures! i love them!
merry christmas! :)

Fashion London Life said...

I discover your blog! Very Nice!
I love your style! Beautiful pictures in this post!

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